If This Vitamin Needs Is Fulfilled, Men Away from E*ectile Dysfunction

E*ectile dysfunction is a sex problem that men fear very much. However, you do not need to panic, because some of the following vitamins are believed to help overcome this problem.

Launched Live Strong page, on Tuesday (1/8/2017), men recommended to increase intake of vitamin E that can relieve symptoms of peyronie or penis sluggish. The recommended dose by the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements is 1,000 to 1,500 IU per day.

In addition, it is also recommended to increase intake of vitamin C that is able to maintain healthy skin of the penis and blood vessels. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes men who have e*ectile dysfunction problems can be helped by taking vitamin C.

The recommended dose is 250 to 500 milligrams per day or twice daily.

Ginseng is also a natural ingredient that is believed to overcome the problem of e*ectile dysfunction in men.

According to the National Institute of Health National Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the recommended daily dose of ginseng is 200 milligrams or by taking a supplement extract of 0.5 to 2 grams per day.

What Foods are Rightly Assisted as Breastfeeding Companions?

When the baby turns six months of age, the baby needs more intake of breast milk. The reason, the nutritional content in breast milk has decreased since six months of breastfeeding.

For that, it takes complementary food ASI, which can complement breast milk and meet the nutrients needed for infant growth is not inhibited.

But unfortunately, feeding is often done incorrectly.

“There are many misconceptions among parents who prefer the giving of fruits and vegetables, rather than complementing breast milk with protein, fat and vitamins and minerals,” Dr. Dr. Damayanti R Sjarif Sp.A (K) in a talkshow entitled “The Solution for Answering Nutrition Needs of Children” held by Philips AVENT on Monday, July 31, 2017 at Thamrin Nine Ballroom, Central Jakarta.

Dr Damayanti explains, the most needed nutrients for child’s brain growth is the macro nutrients of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as micronutrients vitamins and minerals. In addition, the need for iron for infants aged 6-12 months is also no longer fulfilled by breast milk.

For that, the right foods are a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and iron. This can be obtained on rice, fish, eggs, milk, coconut milk, and chicken liver.

Giving green vegetables also should not be too much, because it can interfere with the absorption of iron. Alternatively, occasionally replace green vegetables with oranges or tomatoes high in vitamin C.

Be Healthy: Breakfast is Important for Children’s Brain

Breakfast is important for everyone, especially the children. Just like adults, breakfast in the morning becomes a useful gas to give children energy to perform their activities throughout the day.

According to dr. Karin Wiradarma from Click Doctor, breakfast not only gives children energy. Nutrition that children receive in the morning is good for their brains.

In Be Healthy, Monday (7/31/2017), dr. Karin said, children who always have breakfast routine have IQ, math, and memory is higher than his friend who skip breakfast.

4 Reasons to Instantly Switch to Organic Food

Options of vegetables, fruits or organic meat products are now more and more in the supermarket. Vegetable buyers are also increasing on the grounds of wanting to keep nature and health based on the 2016 survey of Compare The Market.

Various studies also find out the benefits of eating organic foods. There are at least four benefits of eating organic food, such as quoting Time (31/7/2017).

1. Less content of pesticides and heavy metals

A study in 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that organic yields tend to contain fewer pesticides. In addition, the heavy metal content such as cadmium, 48 percent less.

2. More healthy fat content

In addition to vegetables and fruits, milk, and meat there are also organic variants. Based on a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2016, organic milk and meat contain 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids.

According to researchers, the way of organic livestock is different from the usual cattle. Organic livestock usually consume more grass and spend a lot of time outside the cage.

3. Does not contain antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones

Conventional breeders sometimes give antibiotics to their animals to avoid getting sick. There are also breeders who inject synthetic growth hormones to increase livestock weight faster.

However, when consumed by humans, the chemical compounds can also enter the human body, says Professor of Biodesign Center for Environmental Security, United States, Rolf Halde. Antibiotic drug residues are believed to contribute to the widespread of antibiotic resistance in humans.

Unlike the case with organic farm animals. Not many chemical compounds enter the body free of antibiotic residues and synthetic growth hormones.

4. Rich in antioxidants

In some organic products, such as onion, proven to contain 20 percent more antioxidant content than conventional planted.

Know Scoliosis Disease To Be Handled Immediately

Scoliosis disease is caused by several factors, namely the genetic origin or age effects that begin to age. It causes the occurrence of spine abnormalities so that the growth so curved.

The condition of the severity is different, from mild to severe. But the similarity is, all people with scoliosis should be treated early on.

Spine-Spine Surgery Specialist Dr. Phedy Spot-Spine explains that in addition to the two things above, there are other causes so that scoliosis conditions can occur.

Among others are congenital anomalies, cases of celebral palsy and mental degradation experienced by a person. In addition there is also a trigger is not known that type of idiopathic scoliosis.

“Scoliosis is the most common type of idiopathic in adolescents. 90 percent of teenagers aged 10-18 years, “said Dr. Phedy as reported by the page okezone.com.

The arched backbone with scoliosis also shows early signs. Usually the doctor will ask the patient to bend then he will check the right and left rib part. Patients often feel back pain because of the condition of the spine.

“If the ribs are not the same high, the patient got scoliosis. Likewise with the right hip and left is not the same height, “he explained again.

The examination should be done when the age of the patient is young, approximately 10-12 years to be more easily handled. If not then there can be an increase in the curvature of scoliosis per year by 10 degrees.

Severe scoliosis can cause impaired appearance, until the lung disorders due to the chest cavity are changed.

This Benefits of Drinking Water Turmeric that Make Body Fresh and Fit

Fresh beverage made from turmeric is not foreign matter in Indonesia, because traditional herbal medicine sold on the market contains rhizome of the plant. Turmeric acid is one example.

Not just refreshing, drinking turmeric water also has benefits that benefit the health of your body. No wonder if since the days of traditional medicine experts add a lot of turmeric into their drug blend. This is because the content of curcumin substances that are in it.

Turmeric water is also capable of boosting the immune system or immunity of a person. Especially in the weather that is changing as extreme as it is today. The body is easy to experience decreased endurance and pain.

Reported by Boldsky.com page, turmeric water is an easy way for someone to restore freshness and fitness. How to make a healthy turmeric water is as follows:

Clean and peel the turmeric rhizome that is old enough, then crushed. Enter in a pan and give 2 glasses of water. Boiled until boiling. After that, pour in a glass and give 2 spoons of honey. Mix well then consumption while still warm.

Water turmeric can you drink once a day, in the afternoon or evening. The benefits will be felt that flu is slowly lost, healthy digestion, circulatory system smoothly, and prevent cancer and obesity. Good luck.

Direction Tilt Writing Can Reveal Personality, It’s the Interpretation

Each person’s handwriting is different, and there is usually a distinctive form of each article. Psychologists say that it is a mirror of the person’s character and personality.

For example, the direction of tilt writing, the form letter, connect or not writing, and various other characteristics. You can try to change the writing, but the characteristic will reappear unnoticed.

The expert profession reads the writing that is able to interpret what kind of personality possessed by the owner of the writing, called graphology. Well, if you are also curious, here’s a glimpse of the meaning of someone’s handwriting seen from the shape and character:

Lean right: the person is sociable, open minded, and easy to tell a feeling (social person).

Left left: people who like to be alone, not easy to express feelings, quiet.

Upright: the person likes to think logically, but introverts in terms of feelings do not like to tell.

Serialize: the person likes to judge by fact and experience, also logical.

Unbalanced: have high imagination, loves to act out of feelings alone, impulsively.

The writing is thick and pressed: ambitious, easy to express feelings.

Thin writing is not pressed: shy, avoiding emotional stuff.

Writing the usual pressure: has ordinary ambition and not too shy too. Enjoy life.

Likes to use punctuation: emotional, controlling, big obsession.

The results revealed that most writings can also reveal the author’s gender, as well as the writer’s emotional level.