This Hormone Can Provide Maternal Comfort During Labor

This Hormone Can Provide Maternal Comfort During LaborGentle birth is a labor term that the process is done quietly and without drama. This delivery is done with attention to the needs of the mother and provide comfort. The goal is to minimize the pain and reduce the trauma experienced by the mother during labor.

In Indonesia, gentle birth is pretty much done that is water birth or give birth in the water. Although doing water birth is not recommended by the Indonesian Midwives Association, but water birth can be done when women are in the process of stage 1 childbirth. More details read: At What Stage Water Birth Can Be Done?

This is done to provide comfort, relaxation and reduce pain when women experience contractions.

“Giving support to women who want to give birth, especially psychological support is very important, because if you get enough support, adequate comfort and served with the heart, women will be easier to undergo labor,” said Dr. Emi Nurjasmi in the peak of birthday celebration of Indonesian Midwife Association on Wednesday at Grand Mercure Hotel, Central Jakarta.

Dr. Emi Nurjasmi further explained, in the process of childbirth there is a working hormone, the hormone oxytocin.

“Through the comfort and psychological support of the production of oxytocin hormone can be increased which helps the smoothness of the birth process.This can stimulate the mother to give birth optimally,” he concluded.

Unique Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Unique Symptoms of Heart Attack in WomenA total of 50 thousand women died of a heart attack in 2014 in the United States. The American Heart Association recently also issued a statement that many women’s heart patients are poorly handled. According to them, one of them is because heart attacks more often associated with men, obesity, and elderly.

Yet the reality is not like that.

When you imagine someone who has a heart attack, you will most likely imagine someone experiencing an unbearable pain in his chest. However, markers of heart attacks in women may be much more vague than in men.

Although women with heart attacks will still feel pain or pressure in the middle of the chest, surprisingly, women who experience heart attacks will also feel pain in the jaw.

Other specific markers only in women are upper back pain, arms pain, intense fatigue, heartburn, or just “feeling bad.” Laxmi Mehta, MD, clinical director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, and also the lead author of the statement issued by the American Heart Association (AHA) earlier.

According to the AHA, if the heart does not give a good signal, the pain can spread to the jaw, neck, or back. However, according to Mehta, doctors still do not know why the spread of pain was just happening to women, and not in men.

Powerful Tips to Banish Stomach Fat for All Ages

Powerful Tips to Banish Stomach Fat for All AgesYou may often hear, as you get older will also increase the size of waist circumference aka belly fat. This can happen because of the age increase makes the metabolic ability slow down.

But, as quoted from Women’s Health, Monday 2017 you can prevent this, and the way was not difficult.

The slowing down of metabolism is indeed a real thing. This is because your muscle mass decreases – roughly 8 percent for every decade after you are 30 years old, and 10 percent by the time you reach the age of 50.

“You lose about half a pound of healthy muscle every year in your 20s, 30s and 40s, and once you reach your 50s, you’ll lose about 1 pound a year,” Wayne Westcott, Ph. .D., An exercise physiologist at Quincy College in Boston.

Although researchers are not sure why this is happening, the most likely theory is that your body begins to decompose the muscles at a faster pace than the time to rebuild them.

Muscles are metabolically active, so when your muscles decrease, so does your metabolic ability.

So what can you do to prevent this? Build more muscle.

Research shows, lifting weights twice a week for 25 minutes can provide additional strength that will smooth your metabolism.

One study conducted by Westcott of 1,600 people aged between 21-80 years showed muscle formation reached 3.1 pounds (about 1.5 kg) after 10 weeks of weight training.

“It’s the same as reversing the effects of aging for 6 years,” Westcott said.

Participants performed a set of 12 different types of exercises, using enough weight that would make them exhausted after eight to 12 repetitions.

The best part, no matter your age is 25 years or 75 years, the results are the same for all age groups. No more belly fat that accumulate.

Many Beginners Make These Mistakes While Doing Yoga

Many Beginners Make These Mistakes While Doing YogaPracticing yoga does offer you to gain mental health as well. Unfortunately people who just enter this activity often make mistakes that ultimately harm yourself.

What do you think about errors in yoga?

Yoga instructor, Beau Campbell, says many beginners who have yoga expectations are too high. Not a few also from those who want to rush into the core practice of yoga, but forget to practice stretching.

“What I see, the most common mistake is that they put too high expectations so that students never give breaks or breaks for their bodies,” Campbell said, quoted by Bustle on Sunday 2017.

As a result, from that high expectation, injuries are the result of a common mistake when starting yoga.

“The most common injuries are on the wrists, shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings,” Campbell said.

Benefits of Cloves Can Overcome These 7 Diseases

Benefits of Cloves Can Overcome These 7 DiseasesCloves are one type of spice that has a drug content in it. Many benefits are contained in the cloves.

In Indonesia, cloves are often used as cooking spices. Cloves can be found in soup, soup, until the curry. Cloves can be used as one of the ingredients of herbal medicine.

Reporting from, cloves can help you to cure the following diseases.

1. Heal a sore throat

With antiviral and antibacterial properties in it, then eating cloves will help you fight the flu, cough, and sore throat.

2. Get rid of bad breath

Cloves have antibacterial properties that help to reduce the growth of microbes in the mouth. Chewing it can keep you from the threat of bad breath caused by the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Clove content will suppress the growth of the cause of bad breath.

3. Controlling blood sugar

Some studies have proven that eating cloves can make a decrease in glucose in the body. So for someone who has a history of high guladarah very suitable to consume cloves.

4. Treating toothache

Cloves have powerful eugenol and zinc oxidant substances to maintain oral and dental health. The anodyne properties in the cloves are also capable of treating toothache.

5. Treating nausea and vomiting

Drinking a mixture of cloves and honey is recommended to treat nausea. Several studies have also revealed that anti-anesthetic properties in cloves will prevent the rise of stomach acid, which will prevent you from vomiting and nausea.

6. Reduce morning sickness symptoms in pregnant women

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy. Chewing the cloves is believed to help to reduce the nausea.

7. Supports digestive health

Clove consumption will encourage the secretion of digestive enzymes. Therefore
Eating cloves can help you to lower gas in the stomach, increase bowel movements, and reduce constipation.

There are so many benefits that we can take from cloves. In addition to these benefits, the content of eugenol in the dominant clove makes it exude a sense of warmth when you consume it.

Easy way to stress does not make the waist circumference enlarged

Easy way to stress does not make the waist circumference enlargedStress can damage the diet. Always in a “high tension” can make a messy diet. No wonder if this then culminate in the increasing size of waist circumference.

A new study from Michigan State University fortunately found an easy way to stop this. In order for stress does not make the belly bulge, just one way: enough sleep.

In their first experiment, the researchers surveyed 125 people with information technology employees whose workload was so great that they felt that they were always short of time. In the second experiment, they analyzed 110 data center analysts who reported often feel stressed out by rough consumers.

Their findings show, the more these employees feel stressed, the more unhealthy their food choices are.

However, when these employees get enough sleep at night, the daily stress they get at work no longer affects their food choices. When enough rest, they will choose a healthier diet.

Researchers believe that adequate sleep protects the body from the negative effects of stress. This is because, quality sleep will make the body feel fitter and refreshed.

Adequate sleep also makes the employees more prepared for the busy day and finish the work load. Citing Men’s Health, Wednesday 2017.

What Happens to the Body When Swallowing Chewing Gum

What Happens to the Body When Swallowing Chewing GumAs a childhood, when accidentally swallowing gum, not a few of us who feel panic. Various myths and stories circulate around the dangers of swallowing gum.

Starting from the new will come out seven years later, make the gut sticky, until it will not be able to defecate again. The myth was sounded excessive, but enough to make curious. What exactly happens in the body when we swallow chewing gum?

Release Buzzfeed, who spoke with gastroenterology specialist Dr Lisa Ganjhu, DO, a medical chief lecturer at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, to try to find out what happens to the digestive system when candy Rubber swallowed, and whether this is really dangerous.

According to Dr. Ganjhu, chewing gum will enter the body just like all other foods. Only, they will not be completely digested.

“Our digestive system is very strong, if they can digest steaks, then this system can also digest chewing gum,” says Dr. Ganjhu. So strong gastric movements along with acids and enzymes can still decipher the gum in the abdomen.

The difference is, the base of chewing gum will not completely decompose totally because of the chemical content in it. The content in it will not be absorbed into the small intestine like most other foods, Dr Ganjhu explains.

“Once they enter, chewing gum will come out like any other food, there is no specific time span because the motility of each person’s digestive system is different,” he said.

But still, experts advise not to swallow chewing gum. But the reason is not because it can not be digested.

“Chewing gum really does not have any nutrients, so most health experts will advise you not to swallow it,” says Dr. Ganjhu.

After all, the purpose of chewing gum is to enjoy the taste until it runs out, then discarded. “Chewing gum will not harm you, but it does not make sense to accidentally swallow it,” he went on.

You also really can not swallow gum in bulk at once. They can get caught in the air pipe and make you choke. This will also happen to other foods that are swallowed in large quantities.