Avoid 4 Habits That Can Easily Cause Fart

Avoid 4 Habits That Can Easily Cause FartRemoving wind from the body or farting is normal. However, if the fart occurs continuously and too often, of course, makes it uncomfortable. Especially if the fart occurs during the important meeting or in the elevator.

Apparently, there are some habits that trigger the fart happens more often. Launched from the page Step to Health, Thursday (07/27/2017), avoid some of the following habits that cause more frequent farts.

1. Avoid foods that do not fit in your body

Food intolerance should not be ignored because besides causing bloating can also cause other health problems.

If you think you’re immune to food allergies, you need to think about it again, especially when you see your belly bulge.

For example, people who suffer from wheat intolerance can not digest gluten and consequently they have digestive problems that include enlarged abdomen and bloating.

What is the solution? Go see a specialist and ask for food sensitivity tests. If the results are positive, it is important to modify your diet and avoid those foods.

2. Reduce sodium foods

Foods that are processed by the factory and contain high sodium do not provide stomach health benefits.

Sodium is one of the main causes of fluid retention in the body, which causes flatulence and increases the desire to fart.

The solution, choose foods that are natural and home-made. Consume more fruits, vegetables, and foods that are low in sodium.

3. Eating too fast

It’s important to organize the way to chew food because eating too fast can cause us to swallow the air unconsciously and make it easier to fart.

4. Too much consumption of carbonated beverages

Fresh sparkling beverages are often chosen to satisfy thirsty cravings when thirsty. However, soda is not the best choice for the body because it is low in nutrients and contains substances that can cause digestive problems.

Why Are Women More Interested in Men Who Are Good at Kissing?

Why Are Women More Interested in Men Who Are Good at KissingStudies find men who have a good career and more income will make a woman give more assessment. However, in addition to career, apparently women will be more interested in a man who is good at kissing.

Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist, says that a good and savvy man in kissing will make women more impressed and fall in love. Even a survey found 66 percent of women would easily leave a bad man during a kiss.

“Women can let go even throw men away if they have a bad kiss style,” Berman said as quoted by Oprah page, Tuesday (07/25/2017).

Kissing is an indicator of happiness. According to relationship experts and relationship psychologists and marriages, by kissing and hugging regularly every day can reduce stress levels and depression experienced by a person.

“Kissing or hugging for eight times or for 10 seconds every day can reduce stress, anger and reduce the likelihood of depression,” said Berman.

Hobbies Eat Raw Eggs, Is It Safe?

Hobbies Eat Raw Eggs, Is It SafeSome people like to eat raw eggs. They sure will get more stamina afterwards. In addition, his assumptions are also more nutritious. Generally consumed is a chicken egg from the yellow only. Is it true?

On the one hand, that belief is justified. Because the process of heating up to the boiling point will make the content of vitamins and minerals in the eggs become damaged. But that’s only a small amount.

In eggs there are nutritional content such as vitamin B of type B6 and folate, also vitamin E. Minerals such as choline, also antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin still exist in sufficient quantities.

In mature conditions, the eggs do not lose much of the nutrients mentioned above. So actually you do not need to eat raw eggs on the grounds more nutritious than cooked eggs. It was written by Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, in his book Three Steps to the Healthier You.

More details, the amount of vitamin B6 in raw egg is approximately 0.85 microgram whereas in mature eggs is 0.072 microgram.

For choline minerals, inside raw eggs there are 146.9 milligrams, while in cooked eggs there are 117 milligrams of choline.

In the results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition for protein absorption, the body absorbs more protein in mature eggs up to 91 percent. While for raw eggs only 50 percent.

That’s because heat changes change the structure of proteins to be more secure and easily digested by humans.

In terms of cleanliness, mature eggs are less risky contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. Different from vulnerable raw eggs still contain the bacteria that cause the poisoning. So it’s safer for your health.

Is There a Fast Way to Get a Flat Stomach?

Is There a Fast Way to Get a Flat StomachHaving a flat stomach is a dream of many people. In addition to supporting the appearance, having a flat stomach is an advantage in terms of health.

Citing the Womens health mag page, Monday (7/24/2017), people who have stomach with fat accumulation are many risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

If you have a distended stomach and want a flat stomach in quick time, here are three tips to make it happen.

1. No need to diet

Strict diet does not make the stomach to be flat, but make the body becomes lean.

Instead, keep a balanced diet but not excessive. Consumption of cereal, oatmeal, green tea, tuna, salmon and lean chicken can membnatu keep the stomach easily satisfied and reduce the portion of the meal.

2. Reduce salt and increase fiber

Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar and salt because of the savory taste you tend to get bored with the food and looking for something new.

Better multiply the intake of vitamins and low-salt fiber.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinks containing sweeteners contain many calories. To avoid the consumption of high-calorie drinks, multiply drinking water.

You can create a routine by drinking a glass of water when you wake up, when you want to eat lunch, in the afternoon, before dinner and last at 20.00.

If you are able to maintain this routine, you will unconsciously reduce the consumption of soda. For alternatives when tired of drinking water, replace with low-calorie juice or unsweetened tea.

Is it safe to consume excessive Honey?

Is it safe to consume excessive HoneyHoney has many nutrients that are beneficial and needed by the body, so routine consumption is recommended by many health experts. However, whether a person can drink honey in large quantities, in the long term?

Basically the natural law that exaggeration will have a negative impact, that’s true. Included also in terms of healthy food consumption. Not exaggerated to drink honey, although honey contains healthy nutrients.

You need to know that the content of glucose in the sweetness of honey is the same as sugar. Excessive consumption is the same as inviting illness. Not recommended to drink honey more than 10 scoops per day.

Adverse impact if you are desperate to drink excessive honey, can occur in the short term or long term. Reported by Livestrong page, short term is digestive problems such as abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.

It is caused by the fructose of honey that interferes with the work of the small intestine in absorbing the body’s nutrients. As a result, the stomach will feel uncomfortable.

Long-term impact, you can have problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Your digestion will be difficult to do its job of absorbing nutrients.

Acid content in honey can also damage tooth enamel and lining of the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Excess sugar can trigger body insensitivity to insulin, can invite diabetes.

So everything can not be excessively consumed, including honey.

Drink Fruit Juice In Packing Does Not Benefit Health

Drink Fruit Juice In Packing Does Not Benefit HealthThe rise of fruit juice packaging factory-made factory in the market to make a lot of consumers choose to buy and mengonsumsinya with more practical reason. But whether drinking fruit juice can be healthy and the same benefits as we drink fresh fruit juice?

“The packaging juice lasts longer, but it takes a process. The natural vitamins and fibers in them can be damaged. The original fruit is processed, fitokemikalnya also lost, “explained Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono MSc Ms. SpGK, as reported by page okezone.com, Thursday (13/7/2017).

So even though it is written on the label that there is the original vitamin and fiber content, it is likely that everything is damaged in the process of making and preserving it.

If even given an additional by the factory, then certainly not that natural. Benefits and benefits are certainly not the same as the original fruit that processed itself into juice and immediately drunk.

Doctor Fiastuti also suggested that when processing juice with juicer, useful fiber that should not be thrown away. Precisely the fiber is needed by the body for the process of digestion.

“The truth is to drink the juice that is blended and immediately drunk when freshly processed. The fiber can, as well as vitamins and minerals, “he said.

Packaging juice has even got the addition of artificial sweeteners that make it taste much sweeter than fresh fruit juice. This can also increase blood sugar levels, and not recommended for diabetics.

What? According to the study, the cutting board is dirtier 200 times than the toilet seat

According to the study, the cutting board is dirtier 200 times than the toilet seatThe cutting board is the base for chopping food that is often used by mothers. Recently a study released surprising results about the cleanliness of the cutting board in the kitchen, that it was more dirty 200 times than the toilet seat.

The fact is obviously surprising especially when considering that almost all the food that needs to be cut will be placed first on the cutting board. Raw chickens, beef, fish, vegetables, kitchen spices, almost all the ingredients before cooking will be cut first.

Reported by news.com.au page the average amount of bacterial contamination on the cutting board can touch the number 24.250 per square centimeter. Whereas the cutting board is generally always washed after use is not it?

But apparently keeping the cutting board clean is not easy, because the bacteria from various foods ever collected there. The rest of the bacteria can easily hide on the sidelines of the object.

As a result prone to trigger food poisoning and disease caused by the bacteria salmonella, E-coli, and campylobacter. Foods that are already consumed can cause symptoms of vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

How to wash the less clean, and do not replace the cutting board regularly is the cause of food poisoning.

“One in five new Britons replace the cutting board after more than five years. In fact, one in nine people in Britain has never replaced their cutting board, “said Dr. Lisa Ackerley of The Hygiene Doctor.

The study used a special cleansing powder that could show that bacteria were hiding in between the pores and the scratch marks. The amount of food that is cut on it actually facilitates the bacteria to move.

We recommend separating cutting boards to cut meat and chicken, and to cut vegetables. Rinse well and dry to dry will help reduce the amount of bacteria on it.