Apparently Instant Food Can Make Your Mouth Smell More

Have you ever tasted bad breath after eating fast food or fast food? If so, this study succeeds in uncovering the reason.

A recent study in Korea found that people who eat fast food – at least three times a week – claim 15 percent more often have bad breath or halitosis, than those who do not consume at all.

Like burgers and fries, which contain a lot of oil residue, become the main cause of bad breath. Oil that attaches repeatedly to the teeth and mouth causes a chain reaction in the body and gives off unpleasant scents.

“Oil reacts with digestive enzymes and causes bad breath,” says Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of the CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis.

The oil in fast food is also able to increase the acidity in the intestine that can cause gastric reflux. The process affects the mouth becomes more odor than usual.

In addition to oily food, researchers also found people who ate foods high in sugar, especially in candy and soda products, has a tendency of bad breath up to 19 percent quoted from the Men’s Health page, Tuesday (31/7/2017).

No Excessive Eating, The Key of Longevity Secrets

Not just regular exercise and keeping diet alone is a secret to get a long and healthy life. Positive thinking and running good habits such as the following also give effect longevity. Anything, huh?

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, 40 percent of people who live a long life rate as a learning process to be more wise and satisfied with their lives. Quoting the Real Simple page, Tuesday (1/8/2017), following good habits made by people who live elderly.

1. Do not overeat

Excessive eating can lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, those given longevity never do excessive eating habits. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), those who ate 2.5 cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit each day had a longer lifespan than those who did not.

2. Socialize

Studies conducted by PLoS Medicine, proving if socializing from a young age to old can increase 50 percent chance of someone to live longer.

3. Adequate sleep

The National Sleep Foundation says people who delay sleep or get used to staying up late are at high risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes, which can shorten a person ‘s lifespan. For that, it is advisable to maintain sleep patterns enough time to avoid insomnia that can aggravate your aging process.

Although Natural, Not All Faces Can Fine Smooth Use This Material

Facial treatment using natural ingredients is very tempting. Unfortunately, not all skin types are suitable and can be immediately smooth by applying some of the following natural ingredients are mentioned can make a smooth face natural. What are they?

Launched from the page Gurl, Tuesday (01/08/2017), the following natural ingredients for facial treatment is not necessarily suitable for all skin types.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil does offer a softening and moisturizing properties on the skin. However, this will only work on those with dry skin types.

Meanwhile, those who have skin types tend to be oily will experience blockage of pores, excess oil production, and acne.

2. Toothpaste

Ever heard if this home-based material can get rid of acne? If so, do not apply toothpaste on top of acne. Because, you must first know what kind of acne.

If your acne is inflamed and infection or full of pus, never apply toothpaste there. Toothpaste will only make the type of acne worse. The use of toothpaste for acne is only to reduce redness and swelling.

3. Baking soda

All know if baking soda can be used for face mask. However, not all skin types can use this material as a mask. For those of you who have sensitive skin, using baking soda as a mask will cause irritation and rash of acne.

Why is that? Therefore, the pH level in baking soda is too high will damage the natural balance of your skin.

Direction Tilt Writing Can Reveal Personality, It’s the Interpretation

Each person’s handwriting is different, and there is usually a distinctive form of each article. Psychologists say that it is a mirror of the person’s character and personality.

For example, the direction of tilt writing, the form letter, connect or not writing, and various other characteristics. You can try to change the writing, but the characteristic will reappear unnoticed.

The expert profession reads the writing that is able to interpret what kind of personality possessed by the owner of the writing, called graphology. Well, if you are also curious, here’s a glimpse of the meaning of someone’s handwriting seen from the shape and character:

Lean right: the person is sociable, open minded, and easy to tell a feeling (social person).

Left left: people who like to be alone, not easy to express feelings, quiet.

Upright: the person likes to think logically, but introverts in terms of feelings do not like to tell.

Serialize: the person likes to judge by fact and experience, also logical.

Unbalanced: have high imagination, loves to act out of feelings alone, impulsively.

The writing is thick and pressed: ambitious, easy to express feelings.

Thin writing is not pressed: shy, avoiding emotional stuff.

Writing the usual pressure: has ordinary ambition and not too shy too. Enjoy life.

Likes to use punctuation: emotional, controlling, big obsession.

The results revealed that most writings can also reveal the author’s gender, as well as the writer’s emotional level.

Men Do not Often Consumption of Chocolate, This is the Reason

While tasty and well-liked, chocolate should not often be consumed by the adam. In contrast to women who, if eating dark chocolate can relieve stress, men will actually become depressed when most consumption.

The reason why men can become depressed, is because of the sugar content found in chocolate products. Men are at risk of mood disorders if the consumption of sugar per day is more than 67 grams.

The research team from University College London’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health, chaired by Dr Anika Knuppel studied it.

Reported by the Telegraph page, approximately 7,000 civil servants were included in the study that took place in the period 1983-2013. They are divided into three groups, based on their daily consumption of sugar.

The results of data analysis from scientists, the effect of the amount of sugar consumption is not only bad for women but also for men.

Men who consumed more than 67 grams of sugar, 23 percent greater risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The results of a study published in the journal Scientific Reports also wrote that the effect was not only psychologically but also physically leading to health problems.

“The high sugar diet has a lot of influence on our health,” says Knuppel.

In the short term after eating sweet foods, indeed someone will feel happy. But then if more and more sugar is consumed will result in the opposite.

“The intake of foods high in sugar tends to have an adverse impact on mental health in the long term,” he explained.

Therefore, the consumption of foods should be reduced and replaced with natural foods.

Beware, Blowing Candle on Birthday Cake Can Make Thousands of Bacteria Sticking

Beware, Blowing Candle on Birthday Cake Can Make Thousands of Bacteria StickingThe tradition of blowing out the candles on the birthday cake is still busy today. Who knows who did it first, which is clearly a celebration is considered less fun if not a tradition of inflatable candles.

But a surprising fact was revealed from research conducted by scientists at Clemson University, South Carolina, USA. According to the results of the study, when candles in the wind, let alone by many people, then the movement of thousands of bacteria from the mouth to the surface of the cake.

Evil bacteria attached to the surface of the birthday cake can reach the amount of 1,400 percent. Reported by Dailymail page, the condition will be more severe if the candle is difficult to go out and you have to blow it many times.

Dr Paul Dawson, the professor in the study, conducted the study for standardized food quality testing. According to Dawson himself found the idea of ​​research topic when his son’s birthday.

“I found the idea of ​​this research from my daughter when we had dinner together,” Dawson told the Daily Mail on Sunday (30/7).

The research method was done by using a frosting medium in a piece of foil, on which was placed a candle.

The media is then blown by people who previously had been eating food and doing other normal things. Thus the salivary glands have worked and the bacteria in the mouth begin to active.

After blowing the candle, the researchers calculate the amount of bacteria by diluting the frosting with sterile water. Water then placed in the container, then see the development of bacteria in it.

It is a classic method for counting the number of bacteria in a place. According to the researchers, the method was valid to conduct research and publish the results.

Examples of cases of candlelight on the birthday cake can also occur on any object, so it’s good you are alert to the spread of bacteria in public places.

But according to Dawson it should not make you paranoid excessive because bacteria do exist in the environment around humans. You simply maintain health by strengthening the immune system only.

Here Side Effects Often Exposed to Air Conditioned

Here Side Effects Often Exposed to Air ConditionedCool air in the air-conditioned room (AC) does not necessarily make you free from health problems. There are a number of risks that may lurk without permission. This health risk is more likely to be experienced by people who regularly get exposure to air conditioners either in the AC room, car, or other places that are air-conditioned there.

Quoted from the Merdeka page, here are some health issues that could arise from exposure to air conditioning:

The skin becomes dry. The reason is the cold air from the air conditioning to make the water vapor in the room will be inhaled. As a result the skin becomes inclined to dry. If the skin is too dry, it can look wrinkled.

Headache. Sometimes people who are not strong with air conditioning will experience headaches to breathing problems. People who have cold allergies may sneeze more frequently. Rarely cleaned air conditioning can also spread the seeds of disease.

The disease is getting worse. The air-conditioned environment allows people with hypertensive diseases, arthritis, and other specific illness disorders to be even more severe. Consult your doctor if you have a specific illness when having to be in the room air-conditioned long enough.

Tired easily. Adjustable air conditioners can trigger tubug chills and trembling feet. Things like this make the body easily tired.

Immunity declines. AC can make the immunity decrease. As a result a person becomes more sick easily. If you are often in an air-conditioned room, try to drink enough to avoid dehydration. Also try in one one there is most of the time that is not spent in the air-conditioned room. For example, if the office is exposed to air conditioning, then at home should not use it.