Signs of Women Are in The Fertile Period

Signs of Women Are in The Fertile PeriodWomen turned out to show special signs when in the fertile period. However, it is often unnoticed by the people around him. For example, the cheeks that turn into redness when entering the most fertile period. The color change is so subtle and so vague it looks that no one notices it.

The change in the color of the cheeks revealed when researchers in the UK took 22 photos of women every day for a month. After analyzing the photo, the researchers found the woman’s face became redder at the time of ovulation.

“This is the first study that convinces that a woman’s face turns redness during the menstrual cycle,” said researchers from Northumbria University in the UK, Robert Burriss was quoted as saying by Live Science.

According to researchers, there is no change in the facial lighting of women’s faces, but visible changes in face color. Redness in the cheeks of women increases in the days before ovulation and still appears in the next few periods. Then the reddish color slowly disappears quickly after the woman begins to menstruate.

According to Burris, reddish cheeks may make men see women’s faces become more attractive when women ovulate. However, in a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, no one noticed the change when women entered the fertile period.

Previous research has shown that men see women more attractive because there is a change in the sound and also the smell of the female body when ovulating. The current study investigated whether changes in the color of women’s faces during ovulation also caused men to be more interested.

Apparently, for men, reddish facial skin will also make women more attractive. According to researchers, reddish face shows good health and looks younger.

Some other studies even show, women will become more flirtatious when the fertile period. However, it is only shown in men that they find attractive. Other studies have also found, women who enter the fertile period will choose clothes more attractive, such as red.

Vegetarian Minimize Cancer Risk

Vegetarian Minimize Cancer RiskCancer is caused by various factors. Unfortunately, this deadly disease is often newly detected at an advanced stage. One way to minimize the risk of getting cancer is a healthy lifestyle, ranging from eating healthy foods, not smoking, to regular exercise.

According to Professor Mark Woodward, MSc, PhD, from the George Institute for Global Health, today’s people tend to eat the wrong foods. Many people are willing to spend money to enjoy fast food or junk food. Poor again, this seems to have become a habit and everyday lifestyle.

“Admittedly, whatever the reason for smoking and eating fast food is not a sexy thing. It is harmful to the body. It will kill you, “said Professor Woodward when found in Nusa Dua, Bali (20/8).

In line with Professor Woodward, Professor dr. Hasbullah Thabrany, MPH, Dr.PH., a lecturer of Public Health Policy of the University of Indonesia said that cancer is not just fate, but one of the triggers is the wrong lifestyle.

“The majority of Indonesian people, do not consume fiber adequately. In fact, if observed from his organs such as the arrangement of teeth and intestinal form, humans are herbivores. So, people are actually designed as vegetarians who consume plants. So, start multiplying the consumption of vegetables and fruits, to reduce the risk of cancer, “explains professor Thabrany.

It Signs You Sleep Deprivation

It Signs You Sleep DeprivationLack of sleep is not always characterized by the appearance of sleepiness throughout the day. It may be that you feel okay and not sleepy, but these signs show that your mind and body are actually in a state of tiredness.

Suddenly forgot the names of others

Experts have not found exactly why sleep deprivation (generally enough sleep is 7 hours) causes memory loss. “But this may be due to a decrease in performance in neurons and synapses, thus allowing information to be delayed,” says Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, DO, MS, director of Sleep Center at the Cleveland Clinic. It will also make it difficult for you to remember someone’s origins and say words with vague articulations.

Note: Stress or brain problems can cause disturbance to memory. Immediately consult a doctor, if the repair hours of sleep or stress reduction techniques you do do not make your condition better.

Frequently used jeans feel tight

Sleep disorders can make you crave to consume junk food, because the part of the brain that usually reminds you to not consume ice cream or junk food stopped performing its role at night. In the 2013 study, University of California researchers at Berkley used brain scans in sleep-deprived people, to show an increased activity in high-calorie food intake in areas that control appetite. At the same time, lack of sleep also increases the activity of the cortex, the area that governs decision-making. This could explain why researchers say that those who sleep less for 30 minutes, as many as 17 percent are obese.

Note: When your clothes or jeans feel uncomfortable, then you try to lose weight, but the numbers on the scales do not move, this could mean your sleep time is still problematic. Because, burning body fat will decrease when the body is tired, said Joanne Getsy, MD, medical director of Drexel Sleep Center, Philadelphia.

The monthly cycle is irregular

The hormones that regularly regulate the menstrual cycle are removed according to the circadian rhythm. If you always lose the hours of sleep, the menstrual schedule that should be released will fall apart. This will then make your menstruation irregular. “You may be menstruating earlier this month, but in the next month it can be backed up, and the next month back again at the beginning of the month. The normal 28-day cycle is no longer valid, “Getsy said.

Note: Irregular monthly cycles can also be caused by stress and other conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome. If the sleep schedule has been improved and the menstrual cycle has not improved, consult a gynecologist immediately to find other problems in the body.

Pain and pain are more painful

A study of sleep in 2012 found that people who slept 10 hours for four nights, were able to withstand pain about 25 percent longer than those who are always sleep deprived. This suggests that lack of sleep reduces the pain threshold. In fact, there is the possibility of lack of sleep increases inflammation and contributes to pain. According to the researchers, this applies also to joint pain.

Note: Psychological factors such as depression can also increase pain, or the presence of illnesses that have long since emerged may get worse due to lack of sleep. However, if your sleep time and sleep quality have been improved, but no change in pain is felt immediately consult a doctor.

5 Body Signs Carbohydrate Deficiency

5 Body Signs Carbohydrate DeficiencyMany people think that carbohydrates are one of the causes of being overweight. Therefore, many people who do carbohydrate diet, even avoid it altogether to lose weight. Release, the body still needs carbohydrate intake as an energy booster. Here are five signs your body lacks carbohydrates.

1. Breath of odor

The goal of a low-carbohydrate diet is to add fat to energy, although this diet does not cause long-term weight loss. When the body is full of fat, the body with a process called ketosis, which releases chemicals. Unfortunately, this ketone has an unpleasant odor and often comes out through the breath. The bad news, for those of you who run low-carb diet, this diet is not healthy for your mouth, so all that is done like brushing, clean teeth, and brushing the tongue may not be enough to overcome this.

2. Frequent falls during exercise

When people who are naturally active are not enough carbohydrates, the body will use proteins to perform the necessary muscle functions, including building muscle, this is why carbohydrates are often referred to as “partner proteins”. Filling the body after exercise with carbohydrate conditions that have been burned, will speed up recovery and the body will feel better welcome routine to be done tomorrow.

3. So forgetful

Often suddenly forgot the contents of a key or a cell phone? Just like the body, the brain also needs carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose for energy. And when the brain does not need the required glucose, it’s hard for the brain to work at its maximum. A small study in 2008 found that women who are low-carbohydrate diets have a bad value when undergoing memory tests than women who underwent low-calorie diet and balanced nutrition. Then, when do women with low carbohydrates again consume more carbohydrates? Their brains return to normal functioning.

4. Easily angry

People who follow a low-carb diet are consistent with feelings that are more sensitive, stressed, and tired, even if the results work. One reason may be that carbohydrates are so important for the body to produce serotonin, a hormone in the brain responsible for boosting spirits.

But, according to a study in 2009, low-carb diet when compared with low-fat diet is also less fun. The study addressed 106 people with obesity and overweight who diet low-carb or low-fat diets throughout the season. While people from both groups who are on a diet lose weight, those with low-carb diets experience poor mood swings over time, while the mood of people on low-fat diets is better, .

5. Unusual bowel movements

“One of the places to look at the metabolic changes of the various diets being undertaken is in your gastrointestinal tract,” said Dr. Stephen Sondike, MD. Replace large, the change will manifest in the form of constipation, it could be because of low fiber in the carbohydrate diet. Eating more high-fiber vegetables can help you.

Doctor Tips About Wearing Pantyliner and Bandages

Doctor Tips About Wearing Pantyliner and BandagesCan not be careless while wearing pads or pantyliner. Incorrect use of pads or pantyliner makes the area moist which triggers bacterial proliferation in female areas.

To prevent overpowering feminine area during menstruation, obstetrician and obstetrician Boy Abidin reminds women how to wear the correct pads or pantyliner.

“Women are often unaware when they are attacked by bacteria because of heat and moisture.This bacteria can cause itching, irritation, to serious illness.Therefore, women need to use products with the right protection,” said the doctor Boy in the video Klikdokter ‘Natural Way Keep Health Area Women ‘At

How to keep the feminine area is not over-moist when wearing pads or pantyliner are:

1. Note the material content

“To help inhibit the growth of bacteria, choose a sanitary napkin containing natural ingredients that are safe for female organs like betel leaf,” says Boy doctor.

2. Note how to use

Avoid using pads and pantyliner for too long. Make sure to replace pads or pantyliner regularly after urination or large water. Or it could also use the benchmark of the clock that change every three hours.

Powerful Tips to Banish Stomach Fat for All Ages

Powerful Tips to Banish Stomach Fat for All AgesYou may often hear, as you get older will also increase the size of waist circumference aka belly fat. This can happen because of the age increase makes the metabolic ability slow down.

But, as quoted from Women’s Health, Monday 2017 you can prevent this, and the way was not difficult.

The slowing down of metabolism is indeed a real thing. This is because your muscle mass decreases – roughly 8 percent for every decade after you are 30 years old, and 10 percent by the time you reach the age of 50.

“You lose about half a pound of healthy muscle every year in your 20s, 30s and 40s, and once you reach your 50s, you’ll lose about 1 pound a year,” Wayne Westcott, Ph. .D., An exercise physiologist at Quincy College in Boston.

Although researchers are not sure why this is happening, the most likely theory is that your body begins to decompose the muscles at a faster pace than the time to rebuild them.

Muscles are metabolically active, so when your muscles decrease, so does your metabolic ability.

So what can you do to prevent this? Build more muscle.

Research shows, lifting weights twice a week for 25 minutes can provide additional strength that will smooth your metabolism.

One study conducted by Westcott of 1,600 people aged between 21-80 years showed muscle formation reached 3.1 pounds (about 1.5 kg) after 10 weeks of weight training.

“It’s the same as reversing the effects of aging for 6 years,” Westcott said.

Participants performed a set of 12 different types of exercises, using enough weight that would make them exhausted after eight to 12 repetitions.

The best part, no matter your age is 25 years or 75 years, the results are the same for all age groups. No more belly fat that accumulate.

Easy way to stress does not make the waist circumference enlarged

Easy way to stress does not make the waist circumference enlargedStress can damage the diet. Always in a “high tension” can make a messy diet. No wonder if this then culminate in the increasing size of waist circumference.

A new study from Michigan State University fortunately found an easy way to stop this. In order for stress does not make the belly bulge, just one way: enough sleep.

In their first experiment, the researchers surveyed 125 people with information technology employees whose workload was so great that they felt that they were always short of time. In the second experiment, they analyzed 110 data center analysts who reported often feel stressed out by rough consumers.

Their findings show, the more these employees feel stressed, the more unhealthy their food choices are.

However, when these employees get enough sleep at night, the daily stress they get at work no longer affects their food choices. When enough rest, they will choose a healthier diet.

Researchers believe that adequate sleep protects the body from the negative effects of stress. This is because, quality sleep will make the body feel fitter and refreshed.

Adequate sleep also makes the employees more prepared for the busy day and finish the work load. Citing Men’s Health, Wednesday 2017.