These Fruits Are Suitable for Breakfast and Smooth Detox

These Fruits Are Suitable for Breakfast and Smooth DetoxToxins from the environment and food easily enter the body and form free radicals. Therefore the body performs detox activity everyday to get rid of toxins. Sleep is one way. But someone needs to help the body to detox process takes place more optimal. Eating fruits can be an option.

Eating fruits suggested is the morning when the stomach is empty. This method effectively removes toxins that accumulate in the digestive tract. Nutrients from fruits, including antioxidants in them, are more easily absorbed by the intestines on an empty stomach. It optimizes the body’s work in detoxing and supplying nutrients. Fruit fibers are good for digestion.

Of the many types, these fruits can be an option for breakfast:

Apple. In apples contained many nutrients such as antioxidants, flavonoids, to vitamin A. This fruit is known to prevent colon cancer, heart disease, to prevent stroke.

Orange. By eating 2-4 oranges per day can help the risk of increasing bad cholesterol. Oranges also prevent and shed kidney stones, to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Watermelon. Watermelon fruit has abundant water content. In the water content there are substances that help glutathione boost the immune system. Antioxidants that have, among others, lycopene is active in fighting cancer. Found the content of vitamin C and potassium that come to stabilize blood pressure.

Guava. This fruit is known as one of the natural remedies to treat diarrhea, including constipation. Guava is rich in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, to antioxidants.

Kiwi. The fruit is rarely found in Indonesia is a source of potassium, magnesium, vitain E, and fiber. In fact, kiwis have vitamin C that measure twice as high as oranges.

If Blood Viscosity Occurs, Here’s How To Handle It

If Blood Viscosity Occurs, Here's How To Handle ItThe condition of the blood viscosity in the human body must be kept ideal. If too thick then the blood flow becomes not smooth, making the supply of oxygen and nutrients of food to all parts of the body is also delayed. Blood syndrome syndrome can also trigger other dangerous diseases, such as stroke.

“Not many people know or be alert with thick blood. In fact, many victims of stroke or heart attack due to thick blood, “said Dr. Aru W Sudoyo from FK UI as reported by the page

The initial symptoms that can be felt by the sufferer is a migraine caused by the blood flow is not smooth. If these symptoms appear in frequent intensity then you should start alert.

The cause of blood viscosity is generally a genetic problem. But it can also be triggered by high cholesterol levels and high blood sugar. Due to the presence of viruses and certain bacteria can also trigger the problem of thick blood.

“It could also be the number of viruses and bacteria that increase in the body so as to attack the immune system. The number of bacteria and viruses caused by conditions such as cholesterol, saturated fat, and high blood sugar, “said nutritionist, Rita Ramayulis, quoted page.

To overcome the condition of blood viscosity, there are several ways suggested by the nutritionist. It took at least three weeks to regain normal blood.

The first seven days is a metabolic rate improvement and increased body fluid intake. You should drink plenty of water or mineral water at least two liters per day.

High protein consumption is also recommended that the body’s metabolism return to normal.

The second week you are advised to avoid sweet drinks and reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates. Its purpose is to clean up toxic and useless substances in the body.

“Getting into the last seven days, time to improve blood circulation and muscle mass, as well as improving the immune system through exercise and morning sun exposure,” he said.

This Musical Types Can Help Banish Depression

This Musical Types Can Help Banish DepressionWhen you feel depressed, sad, or agitated try to play music for a better mood. But do not just any music, choose a cheerful and spirit to improve mood.

This advice is not just a mere whisper, scientific studies proving the power of listening to music to improve the mood as quoted Everyday Health, Tuesday (25/07/2017).

Research in the Journal of Positivity Psychology 2013 found the fact that people who listened to cheerful and upbeat music for two weeks proved to be happier.

“Participants are required to listen to music to improve mood, as long as the music is heard as happy as the music of the Copland composer is not Stravinsky,” said University of Missouri Professor Ken Sheldon.

Sheldon resumed the same research for the second time. The result listening to cheerful music and upbeat able to improve mood. This is achieved as long as it has the intention to increase mood.

“According to some other studies on music, music can indeed activate parts of the brain associated with pleasure,” said another author in the study, Yuna Ferguson.

So, when sad or depression struck directly play music bertempo fast and cheerful.

Should not Many Drink After Consuming Watermelon

Should not Many Drink After Consuming WatermelonFresh watermelon fruit consumed in hot weather, especially there are nutrients such as lycopene, potassium, and fiber are good for health. Consumption of watermelon every day can help support the digestive system to run well too.

But there is one shortcoming of watermelon fruit that needs to be known. According to the book Healing Foods, there are substances citrulline and amino acids in the fruit that can multiply the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide serves to regulate blood pressure in humans.

Written on page ndtv, Tuesday (18/07/2017), there is a suspicion that if someone drinking water after consumption of watermelon fruit then it will harm the digestive system.

The reason is; Watermelon consists of fiber content, glucose and natural water. This composition does not trigger many microbes and bacteria in the digestive tract.

But if you drink more water in large quantities, then microbes and bacteria can grow quickly, plus the presence of glucose in the digestion.

“If you drink water after the consumption of watermelon, then the risk of microbial spread in the gastrointestinal tract will be greater,” said Dr. Anju Sood, a nutritionist from Bangalore as reported by ndtv.

In addition, drinking lots of water will make the process of digesting nutrients so inhibited. Ayurvedic medicine a la India also recommends not to consume much water after eating watermelon.

Also avoid consuming other foods in the near time to eat watermelon fruit to facilitate nutrient uptake. If long digested then watermelon nutrients will turn into acid.

Foods That Must Be Avoided To Be No Slow When Working

Foods That Must Be Avoided To Be No Slow When WorkingFood intake of each person is different. Some people love to eat meat, while others choose to eat a vegetarian diet.

Citing the page Boldsky, Tuesday (25/07/2017), it turns out the difference in food intake can affect the body in different ways.

Some foods can keep you active and energized, even if you’re having a light day. Meanwhile, there are also foods that can suppress the mood to be bad and make you feel sleepy, tired, and slow in the move.

Here are some foods that can potentially make you slower in activity.

1. White rice

White rice is a food that has a high category of glycemic index that impacts quickly raise blood sugar. These foods make you more tired after your consumption.

To anticipate, you can reduce the portion of white rice before work to be more productive while working.

2. Donuts

Donuts contain large amounts of refined sugar that are known to decrease energy and make your performance sluggish.

3. Fried foods

Food that is processed by frying will consume energy because your digestive system must work extra hard to process all the fat.

4. Ice cream

All foods that contain sugar are known to drain energy and make you tired easily. Eating ice cream will make you feel sleepy and slow.

How to Do a Milk Shower and What are the Benefits?

How to Do a Milk Shower and What are the BenefitsMilk bath is believed some people have many benefits, especially for skin health. But unfortunately there are still many people who do not understand how to bathe using milk and do not really know about the benefits.

Citing the Boldsky page, Tuesday (25/7/2017), here’s how to take a bath milk and some benefits to be gained.

How to do a milk bath?

1. Prepare the required ingredients, eight to ten glasses of fresh milk, two small glasses of honey, 20 to 25 drops of lavender oil, half a small cup of salt, half a small cup of baking soda, half a small cup of organic coconut oil and a bag of fresh rose petals.

2. Fill the tub with lukewarm water until half full, then add fresh milk, honey, coconut oil and lavender oil and mix evenly in the bath.

3. Finally, add baking soda and salt, flatten in water.

4. Sprinkle roses and soak for ten minutes to half an hour to get a satisfactory result.

Reporting from the Boldsky page, milk bath has several benefits.

1. Milk bath can make the body feel more relaxed and powerful.

2. Milk bath can help solve skin problems.

3. Milk bath can make skin more fresh and glowing.

4. Maintain skin elasticity.

5. Keep the skin more youthful.

7 Benefits of Coffee That Make Women More Beautiful

7 Benefits of Coffee That Make Women More BeautifulFor coffee lovers, not much can rival the enjoyment. Many people can not start their day without a cup of coffee. But not many know, coffee in the form of liquids, grains, crushed, or extract, is a magical substance for beauty.

Did you know, if caffeine has been scientifically proven to eliminate cellulite? Or apply coffee on hair can accelerate its growth? Coffee is also effective at removing panda eyes.

From now on, when you drink coffee, do not waste it. Here are seven uses for beauty coffee, as reported by Byrdie, Monday (7/24/2017).

1. An overflow of antioxidants

We usually associate antioxidants with superfoods, such as blueberries and pomegranates. But a cup of coffee proved to contain an extraordinary antioxidant charge for overall skin health.

Antioxidants fight against premature aging of the skin from heat, light, pollution, and harmful free radicals. Antioxidants in coffee, flavonoids, are released when coffee is prepared.

The antioxidant also serves as a protector, whose use continues into the hair. Masks or hair products that contain coffee will help prevent hair loss while increasing the luster.

Not to mention, using a product containing coffee will make your hair smell very good.

3. Reduce puff

When used for external use, caffeine in coffee helps reduce puffiness in the eyes. Caffeine will limit blood flow to the area and reduce the swelling.

4. Clean and smooth

Not only is the collision coffee ideal for home made scrubs, they are also very effective without hurting the skin.

Coffee ground until smooth will remove dead skin cells and will make the skin smooth and smooth without irritation.

5. Tighten

Because coffee is diuretic, the cream and serum that contain coffee can temporarily, reducing the appearance of cellulite. This is done by pulling fluid away from fat cells, essentially making fat cells so dehydrated.

This will shrink the size of cellulite, resulting in a firmer effect when viewed from the outside.

6. Calming

Considering that caffeine in coffee has a function as a stimulant, it is surprising that coffee can also soothe inflamed skin.

This effect is caused by antioxidants that also protect the skin from premature aging.

7. Brighten

You probably already know how coffee makes you wake up in the morning? It turns out that coffee also has the same thing on the skin.

When used as a face mask, the content of stimulants in the coffee will facilitate blood flow and make skin look bright, and shine. Or basically, so it looks fresher.