4 Reasons to Instantly Switch to Organic Food

Options of vegetables, fruits or organic meat products are now more and more in the supermarket. Vegetable buyers are also increasing on the grounds of wanting to keep nature and health based on the 2016 survey of Compare The Market.

Various studies also find out the benefits of eating organic foods. There are at least four benefits of eating organic food, such as quoting Time (31/7/2017).

1. Less content of pesticides and heavy metals

A study in 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that organic yields tend to contain fewer pesticides. In addition, the heavy metal content such as cadmium, 48 percent less.

2. More healthy fat content

In addition to vegetables and fruits, milk, and meat there are also organic variants. Based on a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2016, organic milk and meat contain 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids.

According to researchers, the way of organic livestock is different from the usual cattle. Organic livestock usually consume more grass and spend a lot of time outside the cage.

3. Does not contain antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones

Conventional breeders sometimes give antibiotics to their animals to avoid getting sick. There are also breeders who inject synthetic growth hormones to increase livestock weight faster.

However, when consumed by humans, the chemical compounds can also enter the human body, says Professor of Biodesign Center for Environmental Security, United States, Rolf Halde. Antibiotic drug residues are believed to contribute to the widespread of antibiotic resistance in humans.

Unlike the case with organic farm animals. Not many chemical compounds enter the body free of antibiotic residues and synthetic growth hormones.

4. Rich in antioxidants

In some organic products, such as onion, proven to contain 20 percent more antioxidant content than conventional planted.

This Benefits of Drinking Water Turmeric that Make Body Fresh and Fit

Fresh beverage made from turmeric is not foreign matter in Indonesia, because traditional herbal medicine sold on the market contains rhizome of the plant. Turmeric acid is one example.

Not just refreshing, drinking turmeric water also has benefits that benefit the health of your body. No wonder if since the days of traditional medicine experts add a lot of turmeric into their drug blend. This is because the content of curcumin substances that are in it.

Turmeric water is also capable of boosting the immune system or immunity of a person. Especially in the weather that is changing as extreme as it is today. The body is easy to experience decreased endurance and pain.

Reported by Boldsky.com page, turmeric water is an easy way for someone to restore freshness and fitness. How to make a healthy turmeric water is as follows:

Clean and peel the turmeric rhizome that is old enough, then crushed. Enter in a pan and give 2 glasses of water. Boiled until boiling. After that, pour in a glass and give 2 spoons of honey. Mix well then consumption while still warm.

Water turmeric can you drink once a day, in the afternoon or evening. The benefits will be felt that flu is slowly lost, healthy digestion, circulatory system smoothly, and prevent cancer and obesity. Good luck.

How To Cheap and Easy Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste

How To Cheap and Easy Pregnancy Test Using ToothpasteThere are easy and cheap ways to check whether a woman is pregnant or not, other than using a testpack. Did you know that daily toothpaste can be used to find out whether a woman’s urine contains hCG hormone, which marks the beginning of pregnancy?

Reported by Mirror.com page, this is the way used by people in the UK. So including the traditional way to find out whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Keep in mind that the urine used should be the first issued in the morning, so that his hormone levels are high hCG.

Way, mix some parts of the urine into a container containing 3 tablespoons of white toothpaste. Stir with a small stirrer until foaming. The stirring motion is twisted, and the speed is moderate.

If there is no reaction, add a few drops of urine back. If the toothpaste becomes frothy, expands and appears small froth, then it’s a sign that you are pregnant.

Can also reactions are hissing and color change to bluish.

“It’s a fun way for anyone who thinks they’re pregnant,” said Chief Pharmacist Officer of Oxford Online Pharmacy in Britain Stuart Gale.

Indeed this way can tell whether a woman is pregnant or not. But of course after knowing the results you are expected to immediately come to the doctor to check the health of self and pregnancy.

This How To Prevent Someone If Attempted Suicide

This How To Prevent Someone If Attempted SuicideDepression is one of the mental disorders that should not be ignored. Psychological disorders that are the accumulation of severe stress that can cause a person trying to end his life aka suicide.

Suicide is generally triggered by despair, feeling useless, feeling great guilt, and no more hope.

According to a member of the Indonesian Psychiatric Medical Specialist Association of West Java Region Tedy Hidayat, the family or neighborhood must detect the presence of someone who will commit suicide due to depression. Similarly, treatment of someone with severe psychotic disorders.

“If there is depression or there is a psychotic must be treated properly, of course with treated the risks will decrease,” said Tedy Hidayat told Liputan6.com, Friday, July 28, 2017.

Tedy Hidayat explained that the provision of drugs to a psychotic person must be in accordance with the direction of the psychiatrist.

Tedi said, someone who experienced psychotic, chances of doing suicide business is very large compared to those affected by depression.

“They like to hallucinate, that’s what causes him to commit suicide or because of fear,” said Tedy Hidayat.

While the handling of depression said Tedy, can be done family and the environment by looking for solutions to problems that are being undertaken. Generally triggers of depression, excessive anxiety or stress are psychosocial factors, economic problems, occupation, marriage and other problems that become stressors.

“The more multidimensional, socio-economic crisis of all sorts, it will certainly have an effect on suicide,” explains Tedy.

He cited an increased rate of suicide in a country during a chaotic economy. However, the suicide rate is not a central indicator of the problem.

If there is often a case of suicide, said Chief Room Psikatri Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, it can mean the level of awareness in the local community the less good.

By Arie Nugraha

After Cleft Lip and Ailments Surgery, It is Important to Do This Test

After Cleft Lip and Ailments Surgery, It is Important to Do This TestCleft lips and ailments are issues that parents must pay attention to. This is because cleft lip includes birth defects, which can affect child’s growth, especially vision, speech, and listening. The only way to restore it is through surgery.

However, after surgery, does not mean the child has recovered and healthy. There are some things that must be considered parent postoperative lips and ailments chickens. The child must undergo hearing and speech screening.

“Beware, the development of children’s speech and the function of hearing.He heard the voice and imitate what we are talking about, especially from the age of 6 months (who can already bubling, ‘babababa’) .Hence, hearing examined.If there is a hearing loss, (Ear-Nose-Throat) will intervene, “said Dr. Luh Karunia Wahyuni, SpKFR (K) of the Pediatric Division, Department of Medical Rehabilitation Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia-RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta.

When interviewed after the event of Caring Concern and Craniofacial Disorders at RSCM Kencana on Thursday (7/27/2017), Dr. Luh continued, if the hearing function is good, then the child will follow the language simulation to train the ability to talk. If after surgery the child can not talk, the doctor will provide a solution for the child can still communicate.

“Children can be trained to communicate by drawing or using sign language, but sign language is different, not like for deaf people, for example, children are trained to point their fingers to ask for something,” added Dr. Luh.

Basically, the mouth and ear cavities are in parallel positions. For patients with cleft lip and lelangit, this may occur postoperative middle ear infection. As a result, the ability of children to talk and hear can be disrupted. For that, it needs to be controlled hearing and speaking ability.

Consider the Best Time Considering Weight Loss

Consider the Best Time Considering Weight LossFor people who are in weight loss program must be diligent weight weighing. However, do not give any time, yes. Make sure you always do it at the same hour.

“You need to know the weight consistently at the same time in order to make the best decision for health,” said Welness Clinic Medical Director in Colorado, USA, Holly Wyatt.

Studies have shown, the morning is the best time to weigh the weight. More precisely after urination and before breakfast.

Quoting Reader’s Digest, Thursday (27/7/2017), at that time the body has not been filled with any food or drink, so the numbers listed on the scale is true your weight.

Make sure the scales are placed in a flat and hard-textured place. Then, stand upright when weighing so that the weight is distributed to the foot. By weighing weight like this, you will get the right number so that the target weight loss more fitting.

The Importance of Consuming Fruit In Empty Stomach Conditions

The Importance of Consuming Fruit In Empty Stomach ConditionsMorning is when the stomach is in empty condition, and ready to receive healthy food that will be directly distributed to the whole body for various purposes. Fruit is the main advice for you who are hungry in the morning, not other foods such as uduk or fried rice for example.

Why fruit? Because when the stomach is empty and the fruit becomes filler then it will act as a cleanser or help the detoxification process. Not only that, the fruit also contains a good source of energy for energy supply in the morning.

Reported Boldsky page, breakfast fruit is recommended for those of you who are dieting to lose weight or maintain ideal body weight.

Health and beauty benefits will also be a lot of you get, if get used to consume the fruit when the stomach is empty in the morning. We recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes after eating fruit if you want to eat another dish that is not the type of fruit.

Why? Because if the fruit is consumed in unison with other dishes then the effect will be less good. Abdomen will produce a lot of gas and cause bloating. Other food digestion process will be disrupted and not optimal in the absorption of nutrients.

Here are some types of fruit that is recommended for consumption when the stomach is empty, as quoted from page Boldsky:


Apples are rich in antioxidants, as well as flavonoids and vitamin C and fiber. Regular consumption of these fruits will make intestinal health more awake, the risk of colon cancer far, healthy heart, and avoid stroke.

Strawberry fruit

Because the acid, you can consume strawberries with a mixture of several other types of fruit that taste sweet. Red fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and can eliminate the bad effects of free radicals.


Orange juice is a delicious drink that you can consume in the morning. Although many suggest lemon with extra warm water, but you can use any kind of orange that is sweet and delicious.


This fruit is also delicious if consumed in the form of guava juice. Sweetness is a good source of energy for the health of the body, while vitamin C is beneficial for skin health and also other body cells.

Good luck.