Millenial Generation Turn Back Library

Millenial Generation Turn Back LibraryAlthough it accommodates many sources of science ie books, the library had become a quiet place from the visit. However, millenial generations are reviving libraries in the United States.

In 2016, at least more than half a millenial generation in Uncle Sam’s Country (aged 18-35) comes to public libraries. It is not surprising that this generation is the most widely visited library compared to generation X (36-51 years), which is 45 percent, while baby boomers (52-70) are 43 percent based on Pew Research Center research.

Looking at this data, practitioners from the University of Washington Information School, Susan Hildret revealed millennials consider the library as a place of interest to them.

“The flexibility of the library is appealing to the millennials,” Hildret told ATTN quoting Friday (28/7/2017).

Then, millenial generation also does not consider the library as a place for children or parents only. The additional facilities in the public library make millennial generations love this place.

“Libraries have changed a lot, not just the books they’re looking for while in the library, but other facilities like high-speed internet, educational video programs, or making it a creative,” says Los Angeles Public Library staff Eva Mitnick.

Prior to Asgardia, See Life Health Risks in Space

Prior to Asgardia, See Life Health Risks in SpaceLiving in space may be the dream of many people. One of the more popular today as triggered by Russian scientist, Igor Ahusrbeyli, the concept of the space state, Asgardia. Asgardia like a land on a cloud that will be in Earth’s orbit.

Today, many people from different countries of the world register to be able to enjoy the Asgardia. However, to achieve life in outer space is not easy.

You may need to think carefully before enrolling as a resident of Asgardia.

You need to pay attention to health risks while in space against the muscular, cardiovascular (heart) system. And immunity, as quoted from Phys, Friday (07/28/2017).

It’s a Bad Radiation Effect If Home is Near the Tower Cellular

It's a Bad Radiation Effect If Home is Near the Tower CellularLater a lot of towers mobile phone operators are standing in various locations including residential residents. According to a recent study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, radiation emitted by the object proved bad for health.

The study used experimental mice after testing with exposure to magnetic wave radiation underwent a declining health condition.

Reported by page, in addition to some mice also experienced unusual changes in body muscle. Also the formation of unbridled fat in their bodies.

Most horrified is the possibility of changes in body muscle to fat and decomposed due to long received radiation radiation exposure.

Though normally the body muscles will continue to grow and expand if maintained health, will also strengthen with regular exercise. In contrast to those exposed to radiation from magnetic waves, muscle will actually be a matter of health.

“As we get older, muscles weaken and fat builds up. Another problem is the decreased ability to think, forget or Alzheimer’s. Findings from the study, this condition will get worse when someone exposed to radiation transmitter cellular signal, “explains Jeremy Reiter, from the University of California.

Not only from the tower, it turns out from the phone itself also radiated signals that endanger health, so says other scientists who participated in the study, Daniel Kopinke.

“Radiation is believed to increase the risk of mild to deadly diseases such as cancer, heart and obesity.”

Beware, Do not Swallow Apple Seeds Because Containing Cyanide Poison

Beware, Do not Swallow Apple Seeds Because Containing Cyanide PoisonApple fruit is healthy, but there is one part that was poisonous because there are toxic content in it ie seeds. Apple seeds are not recommended for consumption, in contrast to the skin is very high in antioxidants.

Scientists reveal that in apple seeds there is amigdalin, a kind of substance that in human digestion will react with digestive enzymes and release the cyanide compounds they contain.

If swallowed it is quite dangerous, because in fact it is a poison that works by reducing the supply of oxygen in the body. Indeed, the amount is very small ie only 0.06-0.24 mg cyanide per 1 gram of apple seeds.

Reported by the Times of India page, on apple seeds there is a protective layer that prevents amygdalin to come out and contaminate apples. But if the seed is ingested, then the layer will be damaged and react with various enzymes in the digestion.

In severe cases due to ingestion of apple seeds, the victim will experience symptoms of seizures, shortness of breath, trembling, spasm (muscle spasms), palpitations, respiratory failure, and decreased blood pressure.

It can also feel nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, dizziness, confusion and weakness continued unconscious.

Not only apple seeds that naturally contain cyanide poison, but also peach seeds, plum seeds, and raw cassava. If the body is exposed to cyanide from several types of fruits and plants then the solution is to drink plenty of water to facilitate detoxification.

It is also advisable to consume enough protein to make the body stronger and less affected by the adverse effects of cyanide in the plant.

Footage Photos Participants Cycling Tour de France It Makes Goosebumps

Footage Photos Participants Cycling Tour de France It Makes GoosebumpsTour de France 2017 long-distance bike race requires physical endurance from the participants. Recently viral a foot photo of a participant on the tour, a racer named Pawel Poljanski. He uploaded a photo of his captioned foot ‘After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired #tourdefrance.

It means “After completing the 16 stages, my legs look a little tired.” The cycling tour that was held in France did require participants to go through 16 stages.

Shown in the photo, the veins on Pawel’s legs protrude like wires. The knees part was a red bruise, a sign of fatigue. The photo is then viral and gets over 42,689 likes and comments that reach thousands too.

Most felt sorry and suggested that Pawel not force his body to work too hard.

“It’s not healthy, friend,” wrote one comment.

Actually it is not just Pawel’s legs that experienced it, because most of the bike rider also memforsir strength to reach the finish line in the Tour de France.

Is it safe for the health of the foot? Dr Bradley Launikonis from the University of Queensland School of Biomedical Science stated that what is experienced by Pawel and other cycling athletes is natural.

When you’re in a race, your feet will receive a lot more blood flow than normal. That causes the blood vessels to grow and protrude.

“The amount of blood that usually comes down to our feet is five liters per minute. As for athletes who are classified as normal, the maximum will reduce 20 liters per minute that flows through the muscle, “explained Dr. Bradley as reported by the ABC page.

Conditions will be more extreme experienced by world class athletes such as Pawel. They are used to practicing harder and more often for the sake of world achievement.

The blood that runs down his legs can be up to 40 liters per minute, because they have more blood volume than normal people.

“Can be doubled or about 40 liters per minute. They have a very large blood volume, “Bradley added.

National Narcotics Agency Indonesia: 6 Million People Indonesia Narcotics Addiction

6 Million People Indonesia Narcotics AddictionThe sad and shocking facts revealed by the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia concerning the number of people who experience addiction drug addicts alias addicts in the country that reached the amount of 6 million. More alarming, that figure is not included in the early users who are still trial and error.

The amount of research revealed the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency in collaboration with the Center for Health Research, University of Indonesia (UI) in Depok. The age range of users is increasingly widespread, said Deputy Prevention of the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia Irjen Ali Djohardi Wirogioto.

“As the results of research between the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia with the Center for Health Research UI has almost touched the number 6 million, it entered in the data level of narcotics dependence,” said Ali, as quoted by the page, Thursday (20/7/2017).

Increased demand has sparked an increasingly vigorous supply of illegal goods to the homeland. Several cases of large-scale disclosure prove that Indonesia is facing a drug emergency problem.

According to Ali, Indonesia is the largest country of narcotics users in Asia today, and that fact should not be taken lightly.

Of the 65 types of narcotics that exist, users and dealers in the country has been known to use all types. Whereas in other countries most only 5-6 types that can enter and circulate.

The work of the authorities must be even harder in preventing the entry and distribution of such illicit goods in the country, he added.

There are Cancer Triggers on Tea Bags

There are Cancer Triggers on Tea BagsBrewing tea is sometimes considered troublesome. Come later tea dye products that can help the process of brewing tea becomes more practical. Tea lovers live to prepare hot water on a glass, then put tea bags until perfect brewing. Tea bags are then removed and can be enjoyed without causing waste.

Practical ways of brewing tea like this turned out to be detrimental to health. Quoted from the Okezone page, the ugliness comes from a white bag used to wrap a tea bag. This pouch material is believed to have a compound called epichlorohydrin. It becomes carcinogenic when in the body. That is, consuming tea bags may increase the risk of cancer.

One characteristic of the presence of epichlorohydrin in a bag of tea bags that immediately appear foam when the bag exposed to hot water. The compound immediately leaves the residue in the tea water harmful to the body. In addition, these residues may also remove important nutrients that tea has.

Aditi Rampat, a nutritionist, said it was better to consume powder tea instead of tea bags. Powdered tea is more likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals such as tea bags. The benefits of tea powder was also more leverage received by the body. In addition, the pulp of tea powder can still be used as a face mask or plant fertilizer.