What is Piloxing? Let’s Learn More

Have you ever heard of sports piloxing? For those of you who do not know about sports on this one, it might be worthwhile to try because it turns out the many benefits to be had.

Before discussing about the benefits of piloxing, it’s good you know closer about this sport. Piloxing is a sport that combines pilates with boxing (boxing), so named by piloxing.

In the training of its own, combining various elements of many piloxing, ranging from power, speed up to the formation of the body. Not only that, the use of music as a workout as the combined with pilates make piloxing can train Your balance. The following benefits can you get from piloxing as offered by Cashbac.

1. Maintaining heart health

The movement is done in piloxing is able to stimulate the heartbeat, it is useful to improve the circulation of oxygen in the blood to be more smoothly so that it can make your heart become more healthy.

2. Train your muscle formation

No need to doubt, various movements done in piloxing afford to tighten, even Your body to build muscle. But don’t do it sloppily to reduce the risk of injury.

3. body Slimming

With proper exercise and good movement, electoral piloxing allegedly able to burn 900 calories. Because this is now a lot of women who choose piloxing as options to be thin. Because this form of training that is not monotonous but full of power, creating a very pleasant taste piloxing as options for you who want to thin.

4. Reduce stress

Setting the time the breath makes you feel more relaxed. Coupled with the use of the song when the exercise makes you feel more pleasure. One of the places named piloxing Core Studio in the area of Menteng, Jakarta, give cashback for this transaction.

The Older Breath and the Mouth Odor Will Become Increasing?

The problem of bad breath or halitosis not only lurks those who are young or mature. Although generally as you get older this problem will occur more often, you can still menyiasatinya in the following way.

Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis, said the cause of bad breath comes from age. Because, as age increases, the secretion of saliva will decrease naturally. In addition, the effects of consumption of certain drugs in advanced age can also provide side effects from bad breath.

In a study that Meysman describes, to maintain or reduce the problem of bad breath in old age, can start by focusing on the daily diet. Researchers show eating fruits and vegetables every day can get rid of the risk of bad breath effectively.

“The healthier the type of food you eat, the bacteria and the odor in your teeth and mouth will soon be removed,” Meysman said, quoted from the Men’s Health page (1/8/2017).

It is recommended to choose fruit as a daily snack. Recommended fruits for refreshing breath are green apples, oranges, and strawberries. These three fruits contain large compounds that are linked to inhibit bacterial activity in the teeth that cause bad breath.

Students of Airlangga University Successfully Create Artificial Blood Vessels

Five students of Teknobiomedik Science and Technology Faculty of Airlangga University Surabaya, East Java, managed to make artificial blood vessels (synthesis) biodegradable for cases of atherosclerosis. Five of these students are Iffa Aulia Fiqrianti, Claudia Yolanda Savira, Muhammad Abdul Manaf, Renata Bella Fitria, and Nadia Rifqi Cahyani.

Atherosclerosis is a thickening or narrowing of the arteries due to the buildup of plaque in the artery walls. This occurs when the cell layer on the inner wall of the artery, which is in charge of maintaining the smooth flow of blood, thickens and hardens to inhibit blood flow.

The findings of the five Unair students could be a much needed implant of atherosclerotic patients. Narrowing of blood vessels can lead to various fatal diseases, such as stroke, angina, and coronary heart disease.

Citing the Unair News page, Tuesday (1 // 8/2017), WHO reported, the disease of blood vessels and heart disease is not infectious with the highest mortality in the world, reaching 46 percent. In Indonesia, this disease causes 37 percent of deaths from total non-infectious disease deaths.

To treat atherosclerosis, vascular bypass surgery is usually performed using graft (live tissue grafted) blood vessels. Graft from donors or animals is also beginning to be abandoned because it can lead to rejection reactions from the patient’s body.

Another option is to use the graft from the patient’s own body. However this has a quality problem, because the patient has experienced vascular disease.

This condition makes patients need artificial graft (synthesis) is safe for the patient’s body, said Iffa Aulia Fiqrianti, chairman of the innovation team.

“We try to make blood vessels from poly L. lactic acid (PLLA), chitosan, and collagen.This PLLA is safe for the body, because it will decompose into lactic acid that can be absorbed by the body.The combination of chitosan and collagen can help cell attachment, so in the future When the graft decomposes and will be replaced by the patient’s own body cells, “said Iffa.

Previously there was already a commercial synthesis graft made of dacron. However, according to Iffa, the graft of the dacron is susceptible to calcification (hardening or calcification).

Iffa expects, the blood vessels synthesis of his team’s findings later can help improve the quality of life of patients vascular bypass surgery.

The clinical stage of the findings is long, but promising. The results of cytotoxicity test show that artificial blood vessels are not toxic, so it is safe to use in the body.

Previously, this study was prepared in a proposal entitled “Study In Vivo Vascular Graft Hollow Fiber PLLA Coating Chitosan-Collagen Cardiovascular Disease Solution Due to Atherosclerosis”. This proposal has passed Dikti and obtained research grant in PKM program Kemenristekdikti year 2016-2017.

Body Full of Moles, This Women Are Not Shy Being Miss Universe

Black spots on the body known as moles often become things that many people do not like. However, this does not happen to Evita Delmundo, a beautiful woman who was born with dozens of moles just obsessed to be Miss Universe.

“Being Miss Universe Malaysia has been a dream all along, I feel this is my way of showing the uniqueness I have,” Delmundo said, quoted from page People, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

This 20-year-old woman has been following the audition stage of Miss Universe Malaysia some time ago. He said his audition went well and hoped the committee could contact as soon as possible.

Delmundo was born with a skin full of moles. Starting from head to toe. Although he claimed to have a minder and intend to remove the growing mole on his body, doctors do not recommend.

“The doctor said if it would have a negative impact on my health, so I have to accept this.This is the body God has given me and I am now very grateful for not changing anything,” he said.

Although not infrequently the friends mocked the woman from Sabah, Malaysia, he tried not to bother.

“The other kids call me a monster or whatever it is, but I do not care,” he said.

Delmundo believes that one’s beauty is not measured from the outward appearance, but how personality and positive to everyone.

“Do not care what people think about you and free yourself,” said the woman with the fly.

If This Vitamin Needs Is Fulfilled, Men Away from E*ectile Dysfunction

E*ectile dysfunction is a sex problem that men fear very much. However, you do not need to panic, because some of the following vitamins are believed to help overcome this problem.

Launched Live Strong page, on Tuesday (1/8/2017), men recommended to increase intake of vitamin E that can relieve symptoms of peyronie or penis sluggish. The recommended dose by the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements is 1,000 to 1,500 IU per day.

In addition, it is also recommended to increase intake of vitamin C that is able to maintain healthy skin of the penis and blood vessels. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes men who have e*ectile dysfunction problems can be helped by taking vitamin C.

The recommended dose is 250 to 500 milligrams per day or twice daily.

Ginseng is also a natural ingredient that is believed to overcome the problem of e*ectile dysfunction in men.

According to the National Institute of Health National Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the recommended daily dose of ginseng is 200 milligrams or by taking a supplement extract of 0.5 to 2 grams per day.

4 Advantages of Papaya Leaf Consumption, Unexpected

Although the taste is bitter, but papaya leaf much sought after people understand that there are big benefits behind it. It has been widely known about the usefulness of finger-shaped leaves is the content of papain and anti oxidant enzymes that are useful for antidote the effects of free radicals, thus preventing the occurrence of cancer in the body.

Another advantage of papaya leaf consumption, as reported by page Step to Health, Friday (28/7) if you regularly consume in a week four times then this will happen in the body:

Reduce swelling caused by dengue fever

Papaya leaf extract that is consumed while experiencing dengue fever, will help reduce the occurrence of swelling, fever, also pain in the bones are commonly experienced.

Treat acne

Severe acne that attacks the skin surface, commonly caused by hormonal problems. You can try to drink papaya leaf extract regularly to normalize metabolism. Also, use the juice for a mask on the facial skin surface.

Healthy hair

Papaya leaves can also work to nourish hair and make it more shiny. Way, brewed some papaya leaves then take the water. Use as a hair rinse material after shampooing and shampooing. Do it regularly to get the best results.

Increase body immunity

There are content of phytonutrient substances in papaya leaf that serves to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, premature aging, the onset of allergies, and stomach infections. It also works to improve the immune system in the body. May be useful.

Narcotics Type Flakka More Powerful Effect, Already Entered Indonesia

Narcotics Type Flakka More Powerful EffectNarcotics types of flakka certainly have more harmful effects than other types that previously existed in the homeland. If you look at some videos on the Youtube page about flakka users, they look more aggressive, malignant, like crazy people who have more power.

The bad news, the National Narcotics Agency recently claimed to find flakka in one of the tests in his lab.

“Yesterday we indicated the results of BNN laboratory, the entry of narcotics type flakka,” said Head of BNN Komjen Pol Budi Waseso, as reported by Tribun News page, Friday (21/7/2017).

The origin of flakka is known from Western countries such as America. If to enter the country of water would be a very worrying thing.

“So we have to anticipate the threat of circulation, and abuse by users who have been addicted, because they will find this item,” added Buwas further.

Someone who consumes flakka in the form of white powder, will rise drastically dopamine hormone levels. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain organ and results in an increased rate of aggressiveness. No more fear in the user.

The content of alpha-PVP chemically active compounds makes the user will feel very happy, faster heartbeat, alert and paranoid, even to faint if excessive.

For kidney organs, the use of narcotic flakka will make it slowly damaged. Muscles also weaken, and people may develop acute hyperthermia. Death is a vulnerability experienced by users.