Pregnant Women Don’t Let Lack Of Iodine

Pregnant Women Don't Let Lack Of IodineDeficiency of iodine or iodine in pregnant women, can adversely affect the health of the baby it contains. Babies in the womb will be deprived of iodine, resulting in thyroid disorders or thyroid hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism).

“If the iodine of pregnant women is less, the baby is also less Thyroid hormone production decreases, so hypothyroidism occurs since in the womb,” said the doctor of Endocrine Disease Specialists and Metabolic Diabetes Achmad Rudijanto at the Ministry of Health Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (26/5 / 2015).

Thyroid hormones are needed for the body’s metabolism. Thyroid hormone deficiency, causing the child’s brain does not develop, so the child will experience mental retardation. Children may experience growth disorders.

Rudi who is also from the Endocrinology of Indonesia (Perkeni) said, mental retardation in children can be prevented, if detected since the newborn. Therefore, Congenital Hypothyroidism screening is important in newborns.

Rudi explained, according to WHO standard, the daily requirement of iodine for pregnant and lactating women is 200 micrograms. This amount is more than non-pregnant adults, which is 150 micrograms per day.

Director of Child Health Development of the Ministry of Health Elizabeth Jane Soepardi said, need to socialize the importance of iodine intake for pregnant women.

“Actually, iodine needs not much, but there must be, so there should be a movement to eat marine fish, if you eat salt, eat it containing iodine,” said Jane.