Be Healthy: Breakfast is Important for Children’s Brain

Breakfast is important for everyone, especially the children. Just like adults, breakfast in the morning becomes a useful gas to give children energy to perform their activities throughout the day.

According to dr. Karin Wiradarma from Click Doctor, breakfast not only gives children energy. Nutrition that children receive in the morning is good for their brains.

In Be Healthy, Monday (7/31/2017), dr. Karin said, children who always have breakfast routine have IQ, math, and memory is higher than his friend who skip breakfast.

7 Facts Headaches in Children

7 Facts Headaches in ChildrenHeadaches do not know the age. Not only in adults, but also in children. Approximately 15-20 percent of children aged 5-14 tend to have headaches.

In the medical world this is normal. But what exactly triggers these kids is a headache?

Boldsky launches on Thursday (07/27/2017), there are some facts about the headache suffered by children. Parents must know what makes a child’s head throb, so they feel pain.

Fact 1

Headaches in children can be triggered because they cry too much, dehydrate, not eat, and stress.

Fact 2

Headache can be seen from several types of primary and secondary. Secondary headache is a symptom of some medical conditions, meaning there is another disease that triggers the child’s headache. While the primary headache is a major symptom that originates from within the head.

Fact 3

Migraine is the main type of headache. This condition occurs due to tension and is considered a primary type headache.

Fact 4

About 10 percent of children suffer from migraines. This type of headache causes a throbbing sensation inside the head. This pain can last for hours. The most severe conditions can cause vomiting.

Fact 5

Secondary headaches can be triggered due to infection, depression anxiety, sinus, or neck pain.

Fact 6

In addition to primary and secondary types there is also a type of cluster. Usually this headache attacks the child age 10. This headache can last for seven days or more. The pain is behind the eyes, making the eyes red.

Fact 7

Recurrent headaches can be a sign of a tumor in the head. It’s good if you immediately take the child to the doctor to check it.

Avoid This Behavior That Your Child Does Not Grow To Be a Psychopath

Avoid This Behavior That Your Child Does Not Grow To Be a PsychopathPsychopath is a person who suffers mentally due to an abnormal cause or social violence.

They usually lack empathy and have a tendency to manipulate people without guilt.

Quoted from page The New York Post, Thursday (27/7/2017), research found that criminal psychopaths have a history of terrible physical or psychological abuse during childhood.

Research conducted by The Norwegian University of Science and Technology begins by interviewing prisoners with high levels of prison security and finding stories from those who are ignored by families, rigid controls and authoritarian families.

“Without exception, these people have been injured since in their own family,” says Dr. Aina Gullhaugen, author of the study.

According to Dr Aina, the description of the story of the prisoners explained that the psychopathic attitude is an attempt to overcome the treatment they get, but in a way that is also bad.

In addition, parental control also affects the formation of psychopathic characters.

“More than half of the psychopaths reported that they were cared for with extreme control,” he continued.

The results of this study is certainly useful for parents to care for their children is full of affection and proper control.

Beware, Snacks Children At School Are Prone To Trigger Stroke

Beware, Snacks Children At School Are Prone To Trigger StrokeParents need to be wary of snacks of children in school, which apparently prone to trigger a stroke. This was explained by Dr. dr Jumriani Tammase, Sp.S, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Specialist Doctors in Makassar.

According to him, currently high cholesterol foods are easy to get children. Parents sometimes can not control because of work or other activities. The food is usually sold merchants at school, or through online media.

“Other instant foods that can trigger damage to blood vessels,” said Jumriani, Saturday (22/7).

Reported by page, if since early child eat cholesterol and fat rich food hence health of blood vessel threatened. Stroke can stalk child’s health and can happen at any time.

“If the previous perception if obese children means healthy, but obesity (obesity) can actually cause disease, with blood clots due to cholesterol,” he said.

Diseases that trigger stroke not only hypertension or high blood pressure but also hypotension due to clogged blood vessels.

Children should be given a balanced intake of fruit and vegetables and drink water. Not allowed to eat too much instant food, fast food, junk food, and the like.

To make it less snack because hungry at school, providing supplies to children is also recommended. Provisions cooked in the home certainly much cleaner and healthier than snacks sold on the roadside.

First Care for Children’s Teeth

First Care for Children's TeethDental care of children actually started from the womb, because baby teeth formed since he was still in the mother’s abdomen. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to ensure eating balanced nutrition, full of nutrients, and get enough intake of vitamins and minerals.

It is also important for pregnant women to perform dental examinations, and ensure gum disease and cavities treated and treated, citing WebMD, Monday (7/24/2017).

Children’s teeth usually begin to arise around the age of 6 months, although the timing varies. All 20 milk teeth appear between the ages of 6 months to 3 years. Your child will lose his milk teeth between the ages of 6 and 11.

The child’s first permanent tooth usually appears at the age of 6 years. The last permanent teeth appear at the age of 12 and 21 years of age.

When the child reaches the age of 6 months, doctors usually have begun to see the possibility of children having dental problems in the future. This includes the mother’s dental examination and the mother’s dental health history. This is because the condition of the mother’s teeth can predict the child’s dental health.

If the doctor feels the child will have dental problems, make sure the child goes to the dentist after his or her first birthday or six months after the first dairy teeth appear. After the first visit, schedule regular visits once every six months or as directed by your doctor.

Infants with dental problems caused by injury, disease, or developmental problems should be promptly checked by a dentist as soon as possible. If this dental problem does not only occur on the tooth surface, then your baby should also be checked by a pediatrician or family doctor.

The Dangers of Baby Massage?

The Dangers of Baby MassageA fragile baby’s body keeps people around to treat the child cautiously. How about a massage? Should the baby be massaged?

Well, as a new parent, you may need to know first the myths and the truth about baby massage. Here are some facts that will help you get rid of the confusion, as reported by Bold Sky.

Should the baby be massaged?

Actually this is not a requirement, but it’s all up to the parent. Baby massage helps grow baby’s closeness with parents in early development.

The benefits?

Although many believe that massage can help the development of bone, good blood circulation and in forming the baby’s body, there is no solid evidence to prove all these claims. But massage, when done correctly, helps build relationships between parents and children.

Massage also helps the baby more relaxed and make her sleep soundly. Just like adults, babies also enjoy a touch of love and massage does reduce stress. Yet other benefits have not been scientifically proven.

What’s the massage baby massage?

If not done in a sensitive way, infant massage may be more adverse than benefit. For example, if you ask the caregiver to do the job, she may not be able to do it carefully and it could actually hurt the baby.

If the hands of the masseuse are not clean, the infant may be infected by bacteria.

The fragile body and bones of the baby may not be strong when under great pressure. So, baby massage should only be done by parents.

But do not ever massage the baby when you’re upset or mood is not good.

Can baby massage use oil?

No. Better do it with regular baby oil with a gentle massage of the fingers. As you do so, observe the child’s reaction. Continue only if the baby is enjoying the massage, stop if the baby looks uncomfortable. (Nanien Yuniar / AntaraNews)

Do not Be Emotional Fast, Do It When Kids Speak Inappropriate Things

Do not Be Emotional Fast, Do It When Kids Speak Inappropriate ThingsEntering the age of toddlers, children begin to learn to talk. It was a golden moment for children learning to express things through words. However, as children grow older, children often imitate what they see and sometimes what they imitate is not a good thing to say.

How do parents behave when children say things they should not? Here are five things that are not commonly said child, citing the page She Knows, Thursday (13/7/2017).

1. Express hate

Often the child expresses his hatred when he feels his desire is not fulfilled. Sometimes, however, the child’s way of expressing it is over the limit, for example by saying, “I hate you.”

When finding this condition, writer Stephanie O’Leary recommends to relax and take a deep breath so as not to reply to the child’s words with emotion. Try to ease the emotions of the child and talk to when the child is feeling calm.

2. “You’re a bad mother!”

The bad thing is if the child mentions that you are a bad mother, though rare but the chances are always there.

If you find a condition like this, the heart of a mother must be crushed. The way to overcome this is to build communication and try to resolve the conflict thoroughly.

3. “My friend’s mother is better than my mother.”

If your child says it, do not feel sadly protracted. However, try to find out what makes the child feel that way.

In addition, try to fix things that are considered bad by the child. Show him that you are a parent who has tried to be a good mother and really loves him.

4. “I hope you are not my mother!”

Often when a child feels that they can not get what they want, they will reveal something hurtful, for example by saying, “I hope you are not my mother!”

Actually, the meaning of the phrase is the child feels the mother does not understand what he wants. The right step is to show the child that you are always trying to show the best for the child.

5. “I hope you die!”

If the child already feels on the edge of resentment, sometimes they are not able to withstand the emotion so as to issue words that cursed the mother.

Even if you feel hurt, try to spirited. Try to calm down and speak from heart to heart with the child. Try to straighten out problems and improve relationships like mother and child.