Revealed, Cattle Are Stronger To Fight HIV Than Humans

Revealed, Cattle Are Stronger To Fight HIV Than HumansHIV is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases. Until now, researchers are always working to develop various types of vaccines to fight HIV.

Efforts to create an HIV vaccine provide the latest facts that research conducted by a team of researchers from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Scripps Research Institute and Texas A & M University have shown how they can induce antibodies that can prevent HIV.

The latest study shows, this can be done on cows, where the cow’s immune system can produce strong antibodies inhibit HIV within a matter of weeks. This ability far exceeds the human body which usually takes years.

This provides hope for developing a broadly effective AIDS vaccine in the near future. Unfortunately, until now researchers have not succeeded in inducing the creation of Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs), which are antibodies to HIV in humans through the HIV vaccine.

Meanwhile, cows can rapidly develop Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) in their blood. The antibody, called NC-Cow1, was very powerful in attacking HIV.

Terrible Impact If The Fetus Against Rubella Virus In The Womb

Terrible Impact If The Fetus Against Rubella Virus In The WombThe impact that can be caused by rubella virus when attacking pregnant women, it is very horrible. It was revealed by a mother named Grace Melia (28) who vent in her social media about the baby, Aubrey Naiym Kayacinta or Ubii (5). Ubii is diagnosed with Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) due to a viral infection experienced by the mother during pregnancy.

According to Grace, pregnant women should not underestimate the rubella measles (MR) vaccine to avoid experiencing events like that experienced by Ubii. Her daughter is experiencing some health conditions that would not be desired by any parents in this world. Ubii suffers from leaky heart, deafness, celebral palsy, and brain calcification.

Since the baby Grace must accompany Ubii undergo various therapies and treatment and medical tests.

“Lie if you say accompany Ubii do various medical tests, anesthetized, dipasangin wires, injection, and others it is easy. Lie if I say I’m always strong. Lie if I say I never cry, either mbeker-mbeker or in the heart because the tears have dried up when nemenin Ubii like this, “wrote Grace on Instagram @ grace.melia.

The woman also wrote many of her experiences on the blog, related to her daughter’s life. The grief story seeks the path of healing, and to keep Ubii alive makes her want to share.

Ubii’s test series include cardiac ultrasound, brain ultrasound, Mantoux test, pulmonary rays, CT scan, MRI, BERA, ASSE, EEG, TORCH checks, enter the operating room, and many others have been undertaken by the little toddler.

Rubella virus should not be underestimated, as well as other viruses that can cause infants and infants infected. No wonder if Grace finally participated in campaigning for pregnant women to join the government program that eliminate MR vaccine in August every year.


If Pregnant Women Hurt High Fever, Infants At Risk Autism

If Pregnant Women Hurt High Fever, Infants At Risk AutismWhen a woman is pregnant, she has to take good care of her health even if she does not have a high fever. If you get sick then the drugs consumed should be consulted with a doctor first. Do not take any drugs that are sold freely in the shop.

The risk is the health of the fetus that is being conceived, it can experience unwanted diseases, even up to the great future.

A study from Columbia University revealed that if the mother had a high fever during pregnancy in the vulnerable period ie the second trimester, then the fetus can have risk of autism. Drugs that do not give bad effect to mother and fetus are acetaminophen, but further study is still done.

The results of the study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, found that autism has something to do with the infection experienced by a pregnant mother.

Infection causes the body to have a fever as a natural mechanism against the cause of infection. Scientists were examining what the effect of high body temperature during pregnancy, as well as the effect of taking fever reliever medicine.

Of the 100,000 mothers and children studied in the study, 16 percent of women noted had experienced fever during pregnancy, at least once. Their children are detected to have autism spectrum disorders as they age between 3-7 years.

The volunteers studied were from Norway, born between 1999-2009.

It is not only the fever factor that is suspected to be the cause, because there is a factor of smoking, also the age of the mother during pregnancy.

But scientists call the risk of pregnant women who have a fever is 34% give birth to infants with autism. The comparison is a mother who never had fever during pregnancy.

The risk is greater if the fever occurs in the vulnerable age of pregnancy ie the second trimester, up to 40%. Why, because it is a vase of fetal brain formation is being rapidly.

Eyes Can Also Experience Stroke. It’s the Symptoms

Eyes Can Also Experience Stroke. It's the SymptomsStroke can not only occur in human organs called brain, but some are experienced by eye organs. This one is rarely known, because the sufferer is not as much as a brain stroke.

Stroke eye in medical language is known as retinal artery occlusion. The condition occurs because of a blockage in the blood vessels of the eye area. Not only blockage, sometimes there is a narrowing in the veins of the retina.

The worst effect is the retina does not get blood flow and triggers permanent damage, up to blindness.

Launched page Medical News Today in general stroke eyes do not make sufferers experience pain or pain. What happens is that they experience a decrease in the quality of vision.

Initial symptoms that are often felt by the patient is loss of peripheral vision, or experiencing symptoms of blind spots or floater.

Views become blurred, distorted, shaded, which is light but heavy from day to day or even a matter of hours.

The trigger is almost similar to what happens to a brain stroke, namely atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even previously had problems with heart and brain stroke.

Reported by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, elderly over 60 years have the highest risk of eye strokes, even more for men. To avoid it recommended healthy lifestyle, and avoid foods with high levels of saturated fat.

Is the mole that fills the skin surface dangerous?

Is the mole that fills the skin surface dangerous?Moles can add a person’s sweet appearance, when grown in certain body parts. But what if the state of the mole so much to meet the surface of the skin to trigger anxiety. Is it safe or dangerous?

A Miss Malaysia election contestant named Evita Delmundo is experiencing such a rare condition. On the surface of his skin, visible dozens or even hundreds of different size sizes of moles. In the face is no exception, the birthmark was adorning the beautiful face in various places.

From the medical side, the condition experienced by Evita is called Giant Congenital Nevus. This condition is very rare, even there is only 1 percent of the sufferers of the entire human population.

Although not dangerous, but if the mole is enlarged and widened then it must be wary. Reported by Medline Plus page, if the children have started experiencing the growth of the mole that is not fair, then you should be vigilant because it can develop into skin cancer at the time of adult.

Suspected there are genetic factors that cause the occurrence of the disorder. Other causes exist but the percentage is small.

In addition to developing into cancer, the condition of a mole that fills the skin can also be an indication of a brain problem. That’s because doctors often encounter cases of neurological disorders in people who have Giant Congenital Nevus.

Unique Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Unique Symptoms of Heart Attack in WomenA total of 50 thousand women died of a heart attack in 2014 in the United States. The American Heart Association recently also issued a statement that many women’s heart patients are poorly handled. According to them, one of them is because heart attacks more often associated with men, obesity, and elderly.

Yet the reality is not like that.

When you imagine someone who has a heart attack, you will most likely imagine someone experiencing an unbearable pain in his chest. However, markers of heart attacks in women may be much more vague than in men.

Although women with heart attacks will still feel pain or pressure in the middle of the chest, surprisingly, women who experience heart attacks will also feel pain in the jaw.

Other specific markers only in women are upper back pain, arms pain, intense fatigue, heartburn, or just “feeling bad.” Laxmi Mehta, MD, clinical director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, and also the lead author of the statement issued by the American Heart Association (AHA) earlier.

According to the AHA, if the heart does not give a good signal, the pain can spread to the jaw, neck, or back. However, according to Mehta, doctors still do not know why the spread of pain was just happening to women, and not in men.

Benefits of Cloves Can Overcome These 7 Diseases

Benefits of Cloves Can Overcome These 7 DiseasesCloves are one type of spice that has a drug content in it. Many benefits are contained in the cloves.

In Indonesia, cloves are often used as cooking spices. Cloves can be found in soup, soup, until the curry. Cloves can be used as one of the ingredients of herbal medicine.

Reporting from, cloves can help you to cure the following diseases.

1. Heal a sore throat

With antiviral and antibacterial properties in it, then eating cloves will help you fight the flu, cough, and sore throat.

2. Get rid of bad breath

Cloves have antibacterial properties that help to reduce the growth of microbes in the mouth. Chewing it can keep you from the threat of bad breath caused by the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Clove content will suppress the growth of the cause of bad breath.

3. Controlling blood sugar

Some studies have proven that eating cloves can make a decrease in glucose in the body. So for someone who has a history of high guladarah very suitable to consume cloves.

4. Treating toothache

Cloves have powerful eugenol and zinc oxidant substances to maintain oral and dental health. The anodyne properties in the cloves are also capable of treating toothache.

5. Treating nausea and vomiting

Drinking a mixture of cloves and honey is recommended to treat nausea. Several studies have also revealed that anti-anesthetic properties in cloves will prevent the rise of stomach acid, which will prevent you from vomiting and nausea.

6. Reduce morning sickness symptoms in pregnant women

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy. Chewing the cloves is believed to help to reduce the nausea.

7. Supports digestive health

Clove consumption will encourage the secretion of digestive enzymes. Therefore
Eating cloves can help you to lower gas in the stomach, increase bowel movements, and reduce constipation.

There are so many benefits that we can take from cloves. In addition to these benefits, the content of eugenol in the dominant clove makes it exude a sense of warmth when you consume it.