Unair Students Find Koyo to Help Treat Breast Cancer

During this time doxorubicin is used as one of the drugs for chemotherapy of breast cancer patients through intravenous injection – the administration of drugs through the veins. This is because it makes the drug work fast.

But the way it causes necrosis and bleeding (ulceration) due to injection, as well as side effects such as allergies that take time to handle. However, there is a way that patients do not experience side effects.

There are innovations in the form of patches that contain doxorubicin and can be affixed to the skin of the breast. As written from the page of the University of Airlangga (UNAIR), Tuesday (1/8/2017), the performance of Patch Doxorubicin when affixed, conducting electric current (iontoforesis) will enter into tissue affected by breast cancer.

Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, team leader of the UNAIR Pharmacy Faculty explained the advantages of the Doxorubicin Patch. This patch is very easy to use and does not hurt the patient. The target directly leads to breast cancer tissue. If there are signs of allergies, then patches can be removed from the skin.

This research was conducted by students of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR who joined in Student Creativity Program of Eksakta (PKMPE), ie Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, Vita Fitria, Galuh Damar, Nurul Azizah, and Beatrice.

The koyo they created earned the award as one of the best ideas of ISPE (International Society Pharmaceutical Engineering) – a professional forum from Pharmaceutical Industry, held last May in Jakarta.

“We hope this research does not stop just research. But in the future it can be really developed and produced on an industrial scale so that the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia can lead the innovation of cancer drugs, especially cure-based breast cancer drug, “concluded Ayu.

Know Scoliosis Disease To Be Handled Immediately

Scoliosis disease is caused by several factors, namely the genetic origin or age effects that begin to age. It causes the occurrence of spine abnormalities so that the growth so curved.

The condition of the severity is different, from mild to severe. But the similarity is, all people with scoliosis should be treated early on.

Spine-Spine Surgery Specialist Dr. Phedy Spot-Spine explains that in addition to the two things above, there are other causes so that scoliosis conditions can occur.

Among others are congenital anomalies, cases of celebral palsy and mental degradation experienced by a person. In addition there is also a trigger is not known that type of idiopathic scoliosis.

“Scoliosis is the most common type of idiopathic in adolescents. 90 percent of teenagers aged 10-18 years, “said Dr. Phedy as reported by the page okezone.com.

The arched backbone with scoliosis also shows early signs. Usually the doctor will ask the patient to bend then he will check the right and left rib part. Patients often feel back pain because of the condition of the spine.

“If the ribs are not the same high, the patient got scoliosis. Likewise with the right hip and left is not the same height, “he explained again.

The examination should be done when the age of the patient is young, approximately 10-12 years to be more easily handled. If not then there can be an increase in the curvature of scoliosis per year by 10 degrees.

Severe scoliosis can cause impaired appearance, until the lung disorders due to the chest cavity are changed.

Beware, Diarrhea In Children Can Lead To Death

Beware, Diarrhea In Children Can Lead To DeathDiarrhea is a disease that is often underestimated, compared to types of diseases such as dengue or typus. Though a little late treat can cause sufferers dehydration, which leads to death. In children more horrified again, because diarrhea recorded as the trigger of death number one.

Children are most susceptible to this disease because they have not been able to choose the type of food that is clean and healthy. Eating less hygienic roadside snacks is the most common cause of diarrhea in children.

As a result, harmful bacteria triggering diarrhea infect and cause their digestion disturbed. Children are easily dehydrated during diarrhea, explained the Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health, dr. Lily Sulistyowati.

“Diarrhea can potentially trigger the number one death in children. The reason is because in children, when diarrhea occurs, the fluid in the body will immediately disappear quickly, “said Dr. Lily as reported by VIVA.co.id page.

When sick children difficult to drink large quantities. Though his body needs fluid replacement as soon as removed.

“The need for fluid is lost, not replaced,” added Lily again.

Acute dehydration makes the child’s condition decrease, and should be taken to the hospital for fluid replacement by infusion. Otherwise, the human body that is 70 percent of the fluid will experience a malfunction. May result in death if handled late.

Brain Inflammation Can Be Cured by Avocado Consumption

Brain Inflammation Can Be Cured by Avocado ConsumptionA recent study reveals other benefits that can be given by avocados. The study, conducted by Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, found that inflammatory diseases of the brain can be reduced even if he recovered regularly.

The content of healthy fats in avocados and a substance called lutein is the key to its remarkable benefits.

In the study, scientists measured the levels of lutein and brain activity from 60 adults aged 25-45 years while they were in heavy duty. The result is that people who eat foods rich in lutein, have the same brain performance with younger people.

It should be noted that in the brain there is a level of lutein which is a carotenoid that works to protect the organ. The more lutein the brain will avoid the inflammation and its performance becomes better.

“The older, people will experience decreased cognitive function (brain),” said Anne Walk, one of the researchers.

For that he suggested that parents increase the consumption of foods rich in lutein such as avocados, eggs, and various green vegetables leaf.

Not only good for the brain, avocados previously been known as a fruit that can lower cholesterol levels and is beneficial for heart health.

Healthier with natural ingredients better than treat with chemicals is not it? Let’s live healthy.

Angelina Jolie admitted Affected by Bell’s Palsy Disease after Divorce

Angelina Jolie admitted Affected by Bell's Palsy Disease after DivorceAngelina Jolie admitted experiencing diseases Bell’s palsy after her divorce with Brad Pitt. Her health condition has dropped dramatically, seen from how thin she was in the days leading up to and after divorce from Pitt.

Mother of five children is trying to take care of all things themselves, to the extent that his health problems he ignored.

“Sometimes women in the family put themselves in the last position until finally the condition affects his health,” said Jolie as reported by Ok !.

Bell’s Palsy itself is a condition of paralysis in facial muscles, generally attacking one side only. As a result, facial muscles weakened and someone who suffered from it was unable to speak fluently.

According to British physician Renee Hoenderkamp, ‚Äč‚Äčthere are several causes of Bell’s Palsy. One of them is a virus that attacks the facial nerve muscles.

“We are not sure what causes this disease, but it is thought to be due to a virus that affects the facial nerves,” explains Hoenderkamp.

For a mild type, Bell’s Palsy can heal in just three weeks. However severe conditions can cause a person to suffer for up to nine months.

Patients will experience decreased eyelids, can not blink. The tongue will be hard to taste, also the pain in the ear even the sound will sound very loud.

Treatment Bell’s palsy generally uses steroids, as well as anti-viral drugs. There are also doctors who use psychotherapy and botox injection to the patient’s facial muscles. This function to make facial muscles more relaxed and not rigid.

“So, immediately to the doctor when the first sign of facial weakness appears,” he said.

Successfully Recovered from Thyroid Cancer, Rachel Amanda Wants To Sharing Tips

Successfully Recovered from Thyroid Cancer, Rachel Amanda Wants To Sharing TipsYoung artist who has now grown, Rachel Amanda (22) was already struggling with thyroid cancer that he experienced. No wonder if the main character in the movie ‘I Love U Om’ is rarely seen on the screen.

For two years, ever since he was 19 years old and in high school class XII Rachel was convicted by doctors should begin treatment. Lucky now he has made it through this tense and healed.

Now Rachel who has enrolled in Psychology Department of University of Indonesia, want to share tips on other cancer patients to be healed. Origin quickly overcome, thyroid cancer is likely to heal faster.

“I plan to live on IG to help answer questions friends who have problems with thyroid,” said Rachel Amanda in Instagramnya, Wednesday (26/7/2017).

Do not panic is the first tips that need to be applied, so as not to increase stress and make the disease stronger.

“Do not panic us the survivors happy-happy aja kok!” He wrote again.
Thyroid cancer attacks the thyroid gland located in the neck. The function of this gland is quite important, namely regulating the body’s metabolism.

The first symptoms experienced by this beautiful artist is his weight is decreasing and he lost his appetite. Immediately after a thorough examination, it was revealed that he suffered from the disease.

Alternative Cure Cancer Disease with Hypnotic Therapy

Alternative Cure Cancer Disease with Hypnotic TherapyHypnotic therapy has now begun to be used to help patients with severe disease. Included also are patients with cancer, one type of deadly disease.

To note, hypnosis or hypnosis is a therapy technique that brings someone to a relaxed and comfortable and calm situation. In such situations the patient can focus with his mind, and respond to the suggestion given by the therapist.

According to dr. Chairunnisa, hypnotic therapy can help cancer patients with appropriate techniques.

“In other medicine, cancer can be overcome with proper hypnosis,” he said as quoted by Republika.co.id.

From the results of a study of 121 patients with an age range between 17-45 years, as many as 44 people experienced a happy condition of healing.

The rest, 20 people underwent treatment and experienced healing with regular time while others healed slowly.

Dr Chairunnisa, who recently completed a dissertation in a doctorate with the topic of hypnotic therapy, claimed that hypnotics proved to help relieve pain, anxiety, and help in the cure of cancer.

With proper communication techniques, hypnotics make cancer patients improve with the advent of growth hormone. It is an intermediate hormone, which triggers the body to recover from cancer grip.

“This hormone is the intermediary. By spurring the production of this hormone with large quantities, can trigger a cure in cancer, “he added.

Not only physical diseases and problems in the body, psychological illness can be helped by this hypnotic therapy. The point is to find the right therapist for the healing to run optimally.