Immunization Protects Children from 9 Dangerous Diseases

On Tuesday (01/08/2017) President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) launched a new immunization type called Measles Rubella immunization (MR). The presence of this immunization makes a total of nine dangerous diseases that can be prevented in children in Indonesia.

Nine dangerous diseases that can be prevented through immunization program in Indonesia are tuberculosis, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B, hemofilus influenzae, and rubella.

“God willing, starting today we will give protection to one more disease, that is rubella, so children will be protected from nine diseases,” said Jokowi when declaring immunization MR at MTsN 10, Ngaglik, Yogyakarta.

Children need not be afraid of getting lots of shots. Although the number of diseases that are protected more and more, said Jokowi, the number of injections will not increase thanks to the combination of vaccines, such as quoting the Ministry of Health’s release on Tuesday (1/8/2017).

Jokowi also revealed the success of Indonesia free from smallpox, polio, and tetanus. With this vaccine, the problem of measles and rubella can gradually disappear, and congenital defects in infants due to rubella no longer exists. Thus, we in 2020 successfully achieve elimination of measles and rubella control.

In order to realize the target, Jokowi asked the community to support immunization of MR. One of them is by supporting the children get immunization of MR.

“I call for all Indonesian children across the country to be brought to the nearest Immunization Service Station to get MR immunization.” With MR immunization we create a healthy, qualified, productive and competitive Indonesian nation, “Jokowi concluded.

Unair Students Find Koyo to Help Treat Breast Cancer

During this time doxorubicin is used as one of the drugs for chemotherapy of breast cancer patients through intravenous injection – the administration of drugs through the veins. This is because it makes the drug work fast.

But the way it causes necrosis and bleeding (ulceration) due to injection, as well as side effects such as allergies that take time to handle. However, there is a way that patients do not experience side effects.

There are innovations in the form of patches that contain doxorubicin and can be affixed to the skin of the breast. As written from the page of the University of Airlangga (UNAIR), Tuesday (1/8/2017), the performance of Patch Doxorubicin when affixed, conducting electric current (iontoforesis) will enter into tissue affected by breast cancer.

Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, team leader of the UNAIR Pharmacy Faculty explained the advantages of the Doxorubicin Patch. This patch is very easy to use and does not hurt the patient. The target directly leads to breast cancer tissue. If there are signs of allergies, then patches can be removed from the skin.

This research was conducted by students of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR who joined in Student Creativity Program of Eksakta (PKMPE), ie Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, Vita Fitria, Galuh Damar, Nurul Azizah, and Beatrice.

The koyo they created earned the award as one of the best ideas of ISPE (International Society Pharmaceutical Engineering) – a professional forum from Pharmaceutical Industry, held last May in Jakarta.

“We hope this research does not stop just research. But in the future it can be really developed and produced on an industrial scale so that the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia can lead the innovation of cancer drugs, especially cure-based breast cancer drug, “concluded Ayu.

Body Full of Moles, This Women Are Not Shy Being Miss Universe

Black spots on the body known as moles often become things that many people do not like. However, this does not happen to Evita Delmundo, a beautiful woman who was born with dozens of moles just obsessed to be Miss Universe.

“Being Miss Universe Malaysia has been a dream all along, I feel this is my way of showing the uniqueness I have,” Delmundo said, quoted from page People, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

This 20-year-old woman has been following the audition stage of Miss Universe Malaysia some time ago. He said his audition went well and hoped the committee could contact as soon as possible.

Delmundo was born with a skin full of moles. Starting from head to toe. Although he claimed to have a minder and intend to remove the growing mole on his body, doctors do not recommend.

“The doctor said if it would have a negative impact on my health, so I have to accept this.This is the body God has given me and I am now very grateful for not changing anything,” he said.

Although not infrequently the friends mocked the woman from Sabah, Malaysia, he tried not to bother.

“The other kids call me a monster or whatever it is, but I do not care,” he said.

Delmundo believes that one’s beauty is not measured from the outward appearance, but how personality and positive to everyone.

“Do not care what people think about you and free yourself,” said the woman with the fly.

Although Natural, Not All Faces Can Fine Smooth Use This Material

Facial treatment using natural ingredients is very tempting. Unfortunately, not all skin types are suitable and can be immediately smooth by applying some of the following natural ingredients are mentioned can make a smooth face natural. What are they?

Launched from the page Gurl, Tuesday (01/08/2017), the following natural ingredients for facial treatment is not necessarily suitable for all skin types.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil does offer a softening and moisturizing properties on the skin. However, this will only work on those with dry skin types.

Meanwhile, those who have skin types tend to be oily will experience blockage of pores, excess oil production, and acne.

2. Toothpaste

Ever heard if this home-based material can get rid of acne? If so, do not apply toothpaste on top of acne. Because, you must first know what kind of acne.

If your acne is inflamed and infection or full of pus, never apply toothpaste there. Toothpaste will only make the type of acne worse. The use of toothpaste for acne is only to reduce redness and swelling.

3. Baking soda

All know if baking soda can be used for face mask. However, not all skin types can use this material as a mask. For those of you who have sensitive skin, using baking soda as a mask will cause irritation and rash of acne.

Why is that? Therefore, the pH level in baking soda is too high will damage the natural balance of your skin.

If This Vitamin Needs Is Fulfilled, Men Away from E*ectile Dysfunction

E*ectile dysfunction is a sex problem that men fear very much. However, you do not need to panic, because some of the following vitamins are believed to help overcome this problem.

Launched Live Strong page, on Tuesday (1/8/2017), men recommended to increase intake of vitamin E that can relieve symptoms of peyronie or penis sluggish. The recommended dose by the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements is 1,000 to 1,500 IU per day.

In addition, it is also recommended to increase intake of vitamin C that is able to maintain healthy skin of the penis and blood vessels. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes men who have e*ectile dysfunction problems can be helped by taking vitamin C.

The recommended dose is 250 to 500 milligrams per day or twice daily.

Ginseng is also a natural ingredient that is believed to overcome the problem of e*ectile dysfunction in men.

According to the National Institute of Health National Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the recommended daily dose of ginseng is 200 milligrams or by taking a supplement extract of 0.5 to 2 grams per day.

What Foods are Rightly Assisted as Breastfeeding Companions?

When the baby turns six months of age, the baby needs more intake of breast milk. The reason, the nutritional content in breast milk has decreased since six months of breastfeeding.

For that, it takes complementary food ASI, which can complement breast milk and meet the nutrients needed for infant growth is not inhibited.

But unfortunately, feeding is often done incorrectly.

“There are many misconceptions among parents who prefer the giving of fruits and vegetables, rather than complementing breast milk with protein, fat and vitamins and minerals,” Dr. Dr. Damayanti R Sjarif Sp.A (K) in a talkshow entitled “The Solution for Answering Nutrition Needs of Children” held by Philips AVENT on Monday, July 31, 2017 at Thamrin Nine Ballroom, Central Jakarta.

Dr Damayanti explains, the most needed nutrients for child’s brain growth is the macro nutrients of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as micronutrients vitamins and minerals. In addition, the need for iron for infants aged 6-12 months is also no longer fulfilled by breast milk.

For that, the right foods are a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and iron. This can be obtained on rice, fish, eggs, milk, coconut milk, and chicken liver.

Giving green vegetables also should not be too much, because it can interfere with the absorption of iron. Alternatively, occasionally replace green vegetables with oranges or tomatoes high in vitamin C.

Be Healthy: Breakfast is Important for Children’s Brain

Breakfast is important for everyone, especially the children. Just like adults, breakfast in the morning becomes a useful gas to give children energy to perform their activities throughout the day.

According to dr. Karin Wiradarma from Click Doctor, breakfast not only gives children energy. Nutrition that children receive in the morning is good for their brains.

In Be Healthy, Monday (7/31/2017), dr. Karin said, children who always have breakfast routine have IQ, math, and memory is higher than his friend who skip breakfast.