Myth: Really Saliva Can Prevent Pregnancy?

Some say that the presence of excessive saliva can prevent pregnancy. But according to Zitao Liu, obstetric and gynecologist from New York, United States, that’s just a myth.

“Saliva has an effect on sperm, but oral s*x in men does not have an effect on sperm failing to enter the uterus during penetration,” Liu said.

Meanwhile, oral s*x in women may be leaving saliva at the entrance of sperm. If the amount of saliva that goes into the vagina is large, it may affect sperm motion, but that does not mean you can not get pregnant.

If you are a couple who want a pregnancy immediately, you should not have oral s*x before a woman before penetration. As it is delivered Liu, citing the page Romper, Thursday (24/08/2017).

If you want to accelerate pregnancy, couples should focus on increasing the frequency of s*xual intercourse. Make sure, one time s*xual intercourse is done every two to three days, during the fertile period.

The fertile period is approximately five days before ovulation occurs. The average woman undergoes a fertile period between day 10 to day 17, after the first day of menstruation.

Apparently Instant Food Can Make Your Mouth Smell More

Have you ever tasted bad breath after eating fast food or fast food? If so, this study succeeds in uncovering the reason.

A recent study in Korea found that people who eat fast food – at least three times a week – claim 15 percent more often have bad breath or halitosis, than those who do not consume at all.

Like burgers and fries, which contain a lot of oil residue, become the main cause of bad breath. Oil that attaches repeatedly to the teeth and mouth causes a chain reaction in the body and gives off unpleasant scents.

“Oil reacts with digestive enzymes and causes bad breath,” says Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of the CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis.

The oil in fast food is also able to increase the acidity in the intestine that can cause gastric reflux. The process affects the mouth becomes more odor than usual.

In addition to oily food, researchers also found people who ate foods high in sugar, especially in candy and soda products, has a tendency of bad breath up to 19 percent quoted from the Men’s Health page, Tuesday (31/7/2017).

Doctor of the Soul: Elderly Vulnerable Depression

Member of Indonesian Mental Medicine Specialist Association, Tedy Hidayat, said people aged 60 years and over, or often called elderly, vulnerable exposed to psychiatric disorders.

According to Tedy Hidayat, a number of mental disorders that often occur against the elderly, namely loss of confidence, followed by an increase in emotions are often called depression.

“The first is depression in the elderly who is both dementia or senile.” Well, if the depression in the elderly usually associated with pensions, income is reduced, usually occupied and even respected now no one is greeting him, no one else is calling him, “Said Tedy Hidayat in Bandung, written Tuesday (1/8/2017).

Tedy Hidayat said, some elderly characteristics exposed to mental disorders, in the form of depression that is often angry without cause every day, a negative view of a problem and blame others.

Tedy mentions, one of the ways that the elderly are not exposed to mental disorders is to improve the quality of life in a psychological and physical.

He said with these indications, it is time for policy-makers to create a friendly city program for the elderly, so that they feel acknowledged of their existence.

Based on recent data from the West Java Social Service, the provincial government did not provide adequate budget for mental health. That is because, mental health is not included in the seven development priorities of West Java.

The Older Breath and the Mouth Odor Will Become Increasing?

The problem of bad breath or halitosis not only lurks those who are young or mature. Although generally as you get older this problem will occur more often, you can still menyiasatinya in the following way.

Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis, said the cause of bad breath comes from age. Because, as age increases, the secretion of saliva will decrease naturally. In addition, the effects of consumption of certain drugs in advanced age can also provide side effects from bad breath.

In a study that Meysman describes, to maintain or reduce the problem of bad breath in old age, can start by focusing on the daily diet. Researchers show eating fruits and vegetables every day can get rid of the risk of bad breath effectively.

“The healthier the type of food you eat, the bacteria and the odor in your teeth and mouth will soon be removed,” Meysman said, quoted from the Men’s Health page (1/8/2017).

It is recommended to choose fruit as a daily snack. Recommended fruits for refreshing breath are green apples, oranges, and strawberries. These three fruits contain large compounds that are linked to inhibit bacterial activity in the teeth that cause bad breath.

No Excessive Eating, The Key of Longevity Secrets

Not just regular exercise and keeping diet alone is a secret to get a long and healthy life. Positive thinking and running good habits such as the following also give effect longevity. Anything, huh?

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, 40 percent of people who live a long life rate as a learning process to be more wise and satisfied with their lives. Quoting the Real Simple page, Tuesday (1/8/2017), following good habits made by people who live elderly.

1. Do not overeat

Excessive eating can lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, those given longevity never do excessive eating habits. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), those who ate 2.5 cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit each day had a longer lifespan than those who did not.

2. Socialize

Studies conducted by PLoS Medicine, proving if socializing from a young age to old can increase 50 percent chance of someone to live longer.

3. Adequate sleep

The National Sleep Foundation says people who delay sleep or get used to staying up late are at high risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes, which can shorten a person ‘s lifespan. For that, it is advisable to maintain sleep patterns enough time to avoid insomnia that can aggravate your aging process.

Students of Airlangga University Successfully Create Artificial Blood Vessels

Five students of Teknobiomedik Science and Technology Faculty of Airlangga University Surabaya, East Java, managed to make artificial blood vessels (synthesis) biodegradable for cases of atherosclerosis. Five of these students are Iffa Aulia Fiqrianti, Claudia Yolanda Savira, Muhammad Abdul Manaf, Renata Bella Fitria, and Nadia Rifqi Cahyani.

Atherosclerosis is a thickening or narrowing of the arteries due to the buildup of plaque in the artery walls. This occurs when the cell layer on the inner wall of the artery, which is in charge of maintaining the smooth flow of blood, thickens and hardens to inhibit blood flow.

The findings of the five Unair students could be a much needed implant of atherosclerotic patients. Narrowing of blood vessels can lead to various fatal diseases, such as stroke, angina, and coronary heart disease.

Citing the Unair News page, Tuesday (1 // 8/2017), WHO reported, the disease of blood vessels and heart disease is not infectious with the highest mortality in the world, reaching 46 percent. In Indonesia, this disease causes 37 percent of deaths from total non-infectious disease deaths.

To treat atherosclerosis, vascular bypass surgery is usually performed using graft (live tissue grafted) blood vessels. Graft from donors or animals is also beginning to be abandoned because it can lead to rejection reactions from the patient’s body.

Another option is to use the graft from the patient’s own body. However this has a quality problem, because the patient has experienced vascular disease.

This condition makes patients need artificial graft (synthesis) is safe for the patient’s body, said Iffa Aulia Fiqrianti, chairman of the innovation team.

“We try to make blood vessels from poly L. lactic acid (PLLA), chitosan, and collagen.This PLLA is safe for the body, because it will decompose into lactic acid that can be absorbed by the body.The combination of chitosan and collagen can help cell attachment, so in the future When the graft decomposes and will be replaced by the patient’s own body cells, “said Iffa.

Previously there was already a commercial synthesis graft made of dacron. However, according to Iffa, the graft of the dacron is susceptible to calcification (hardening or calcification).

Iffa expects, the blood vessels synthesis of his team’s findings later can help improve the quality of life of patients vascular bypass surgery.

The clinical stage of the findings is long, but promising. The results of cytotoxicity test show that artificial blood vessels are not toxic, so it is safe to use in the body.

Previously, this study was prepared in a proposal entitled “Study In Vivo Vascular Graft Hollow Fiber PLLA Coating Chitosan-Collagen Cardiovascular Disease Solution Due to Atherosclerosis”. This proposal has passed Dikti and obtained research grant in PKM program Kemenristekdikti year 2016-2017.

Parents Need to Know 3 Things Before Using the Car Seat for Kids

Car seat or car seat special child, it is designed for children safe and comfortable while driving. Unfortunately, not all parents really understand the use of this special chair.

Here are the important things to consider before using a child’s car seat. Especially for parents of new children, based on the exposure of pediatric professors at Oregon Health & Science University and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPS), Ben Hoffman, MD, quoted from Real Simple, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

1. As many as 95 percent of parents directly put a newborn baby in the car seat

In a study published in Pediatrics, Hoffman found that 95 percent of parents occupy their newborns when they return home from the hospital. Plus, improperly installing causes a fatal error.

“The biggest mistake is to let the straps get too loose, another big mistake is to let the chest clip unlocked or put it too low,” Hoffman said.

2. Do not use a used child’s car seat

You should know the history of the use of a child’s car seat. According to Hoffman, used child car seats, especially seats that have been accidents in the car, should not be used again because of its function has been reduced.

3. Replaced once every six years

The limit of car seat usage is six years. Hoffman suggests, if more than that, you should replace it.

“You should be able to find the date on the sticker on the chair and make sure from time to time the material including the seat in the seat is still feasible, safe, and comfortable to use,” he said.