Parents Need To Understand The Symptoms Of Cancer In Children

Parents Need To Understand The Symptoms Of Cancer In – Parents need to understand the symptoms and signs of cancer occur in children alleged to be immediately checked further into healthcare facilities in order to be handled quickly.

“To his parents, when there is suspicion of a child suffering from cancer, please immediately check with the nearest health facility,” said Director of Dharmais Cancer Hospital Professor Abdul Kadir in appointment Cancer World media day at the Office Ministry of health, Jakarta, Thursday (15/2).

Kadir explained parents should immediately checked his son to confirm suspected symptoms proved to be cancer or not.

“Because not all of the bumps and abnormalities in the body is cancerous,” said Kadir.

Most cases of cancer in children is a blood cancer or leukemia, a cancer of the eye or nerve cancer in retinablastoma, or neuroblastoma, cancer of the lymph nodes or limofa maligna, bone cancer or cancer of the nasopharynx carcinoma and osteosarcoma which is located in the nose section in.

Haematology Oncology children who also Heads the child Installation RS Instant Dharmais Cancer Dr. Haridini SP. AK says about 65 percent to 70 percent of cancers in children are recorded in each facility is leukemia Cancer Center.

Symptoms and signs a child suffering from cancer of the blood is pale, fever without an obvious cause, bleeding skin, bone pain and lethargy.

For eye cancer symptoms are more easily detected by looking at a child’s eye squint eye beads, white, red eyes, enlarged cornea, inflammation of the tissues of the eyeball and the vision became blurry.

Symptoms and signs of cancer on nerves a bit hard to known but recognizable if looks bluish around the eyes and there was a lump in my stomach.

Symptoms of cancer of the lymph nodes or limofa like there is a lump bigger than two centimeter painlessly and quickly enlarged, shortness of breath, fever, weak and lethargic.

On bone cancer can be recognized if it feels the pain of bone apr├Ęs which are usually felt during the night, swelling and redness at the site of pain is also felt warm, broken bones after a routine activity and even without trauma and movement be limited to the part that there are suspected cancer.

For advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma usually looks snot mingled blood, nosebleed, nasal congestion, ear feels full, ear buzzing, ear pain, vision becomes double and there is swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck. Kadir explain most cases of child cancer patients came to the hospital when an advanced stage because not detected before.

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