Really Saliva Can Prevent Pregnancy

Myth: Really Saliva Can Prevent Pregnancy?

Some say that the presence of excessive saliva can prevent pregnancy. But according to Zitao Liu, obstetric and gynecologist from New York, United States, that’s just a myth.

“Saliva has an effect on sperm, but oral s*x in men does not have an effect on sperm failing to enter the uterus during penetration,” Liu said.

Meanwhile, oral s*x in women may be leaving saliva at the entrance of sperm. If the amount of saliva that goes into the vagina is large, it may affect sperm motion, but that does not mean you can not get pregnant.

If you are a couple who want a pregnancy immediately, you should not have oral s*x before a woman before penetration. As it is delivered Liu, citing the page Romper, Thursday (24/08/2017).

If you want to accelerate pregnancy, couples should focus on increasing the frequency of s*xual intercourse. Make sure, one time s*xual intercourse is done every two to three days, during the fertile period.

The fertile period is approximately five days before ovulation occurs. The average woman undergoes a fertile period between day 10 to day 17, after the first day of menstruation.

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