The Older Breath and the Mouth Odor Will Become Increasing

The Older Breath and the Mouth Odor Will Become Increasing?

The problem of bad breath or halitosis not only lurks those who are young or mature. Although generally as you get older this problem will occur more often, you can still menyiasatinya in the following way.

Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis, said the cause of bad breath comes from age. Because, as age increases, the secretion of saliva will decrease naturally. In addition, the effects of consumption of certain drugs in advanced age can also provide side effects from bad breath.

In a study that Meysman describes, to maintain or reduce the problem of bad breath in old age, can start by focusing on the daily diet. Researchers show eating fruits and vegetables every day can get rid of the risk of bad breath effectively.

“The healthier the type of food you eat, the bacteria and the odor in your teeth and mouth will soon be removed,” Meysman said, quoted from the Men’s Health page (1/8/2017).

It is recommended to choose fruit as a daily snack. Recommended fruits for refreshing breath are green apples, oranges, and strawberries. These three fruits contain large compounds that are linked to inhibit bacterial activity in the teeth that cause bad breath.

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