Elderly Vulnerable Depression

Doctor of the Soul: Elderly Vulnerable Depression

Member of Indonesian Mental Medicine Specialist Association, Tedy Hidayat, said people aged 60 years and over, or often called elderly, vulnerable exposed to psychiatric disorders.

According to Tedy Hidayat, a number of mental disorders that often occur against the elderly, namely loss of confidence, followed by an increase in emotions are often called depression.

“The first is depression in the elderly who is both dementia or senile.” Well, if the depression in the elderly usually associated with pensions, income is reduced, usually occupied and even respected now no one is greeting him, no one else is calling him, “Said Tedy Hidayat in Bandung, written Tuesday (1/8/2017).

Tedy Hidayat said, some elderly characteristics exposed to mental disorders, in the form of depression that is often angry without cause every day, a negative view of a problem and blame others.

Tedy mentions, one of the ways that the elderly are not exposed to mental disorders is to improve the quality of life in a psychological and physical.

He said with these indications, it is time for policy-makers to create a friendly city program for the elderly, so that they feel acknowledged of their existence.

Based on recent data from the West Java Social Service, the provincial government did not provide adequate budget for mental health. That is because, mental health is not included in the seven development priorities of West Java.

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