Apparently Instant Food Can Make Your Mouth Smell More

Apparently Instant Food Can Make Your Mouth Smell More

Have you ever tasted bad breath after eating fast food or fast food? If so, this study succeeds in uncovering the reason.

A recent study in Korea found that people who eat fast food – at least three times a week – claim 15 percent more often have bad breath or halitosis, than those who do not consume at all.

Like burgers and fries, which contain a lot of oil residue, become the main cause of bad breath. Oil that attaches repeatedly to the teeth and mouth causes a chain reaction in the body and gives off unpleasant scents.

“Oil reacts with digestive enzymes and causes bad breath,” says Tripti Meysman, D.D.S., founder of the CityTooth dental clinic in Minneapolis.

The oil in fast food is also able to increase the acidity in the intestine that can cause gastric reflux. The process affects the mouth becomes more odor than usual.

In addition to oily food, researchers also found people who ate foods high in sugar, especially in candy and soda products, has a tendency of bad breath up to 19 percent quoted from the Men’s Health page, Tuesday (31/7/2017).

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