Parents Need to Know 3 Things Before Using the Car Seat for Kids

Parents Need to Know 3 Things Before Using the Car Seat for Kids

Car seat or car seat special child, it is designed for children safe and comfortable while driving. Unfortunately, not all parents really understand the use of this special chair.

Here are the important things to consider before using a child’s car seat. Especially for parents of new children, based on the exposure of pediatric professors at Oregon Health & Science University and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPS), Ben Hoffman, MD, quoted from Real Simple, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

1. As many as 95 percent of parents directly put a newborn baby in the car seat

In a study published in Pediatrics, Hoffman found that 95 percent of parents occupy their newborns when they return home from the hospital. Plus, improperly installing causes a fatal error.

“The biggest mistake is to let the straps get too loose, another big mistake is to let the chest clip unlocked or put it too low,” Hoffman said.

2. Do not use a used child’s car seat

You should know the history of the use of a child’s car seat. According to Hoffman, used child car seats, especially seats that have been accidents in the car, should not be used again because of its function has been reduced.

3. Replaced once every six years

The limit of car seat usage is six years. Hoffman suggests, if more than that, you should replace it.

“You should be able to find the date on the sticker on the chair and make sure from time to time the material including the seat in the seat is still feasible, safe, and comfortable to use,” he said.

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