Unair Students Find Koyo to Help Treat Breast Cancer

Unair Students Find Koyo to Help Treat Breast Cancer

During this time doxorubicin is used as one of the drugs for chemotherapy of breast cancer patients through intravenous injection – the administration of drugs through the veins. This is because it makes the drug work fast.

But the way it causes necrosis and bleeding (ulceration) due to injection, as well as side effects such as allergies that take time to handle. However, there is a way that patients do not experience side effects.

There are innovations in the form of patches that contain doxorubicin and can be affixed to the skin of the breast. As written from the page of the University of Airlangga (UNAIR), Tuesday (1/8/2017), the performance of Patch Doxorubicin when affixed, conducting electric current (iontoforesis) will enter into tissue affected by breast cancer.

Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, team leader of the UNAIR Pharmacy Faculty explained the advantages of the Doxorubicin Patch. This patch is very easy to use and does not hurt the patient. The target directly leads to breast cancer tissue. If there are signs of allergies, then patches can be removed from the skin.

This research was conducted by students of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR who joined in Student Creativity Program of Eksakta (PKMPE), ie Ayu Tarantika Indreswari, Vita Fitria, Galuh Damar, Nurul Azizah, and Beatrice.

The koyo they created earned the award as one of the best ideas of ISPE (International Society Pharmaceutical Engineering) – a professional forum from Pharmaceutical Industry, held last May in Jakarta.

“We hope this research does not stop just research. But in the future it can be really developed and produced on an industrial scale so that the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia can lead the innovation of cancer drugs, especially cure-based breast cancer drug, “concluded Ayu.

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