Body Full of Moles, This Women Are Not Shy Being Miss Universe

Body Full of Moles, This Women Are Not Shy Being Miss Universe

Black spots on the body known as moles often become things that many people do not like. However, this does not happen to Evita Delmundo, a beautiful woman who was born with dozens of moles just obsessed to be Miss Universe.

“Being Miss Universe Malaysia has been a dream all along, I feel this is my way of showing the uniqueness I have,” Delmundo said, quoted from page People, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

This 20-year-old woman has been following the audition stage of Miss Universe Malaysia some time ago. He said his audition went well and hoped the committee could contact as soon as possible.

Delmundo was born with a skin full of moles. Starting from head to toe. Although he claimed to have a minder and intend to remove the growing mole on his body, doctors do not recommend.

“The doctor said if it would have a negative impact on my health, so I have to accept this.This is the body God has given me and I am now very grateful for not changing anything,” he said.

Although not infrequently the friends mocked the woman from Sabah, Malaysia, he tried not to bother.

“The other kids call me a monster or whatever it is, but I do not care,” he said.

Delmundo believes that one’s beauty is not measured from the outward appearance, but how personality and positive to everyone.

“Do not care what people think about you and free yourself,” said the woman with the fly.

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