Know Scoliosis Disease To Be Handled Immediately

Know Scoliosis Disease To Be Handled Immediately

Scoliosis disease is caused by several factors, namely the genetic origin or age effects that begin to age. It causes the occurrence of spine abnormalities so that the growth so curved.

The condition of the severity is different, from mild to severe. But the similarity is, all people with scoliosis should be treated early on.

Spine-Spine Surgery Specialist Dr. Phedy Spot-Spine explains that in addition to the two things above, there are other causes so that scoliosis conditions can occur.

Among others are congenital anomalies, cases of celebral palsy and mental degradation experienced by a person. In addition there is also a trigger is not known that type of idiopathic scoliosis.

“Scoliosis is the most common type of idiopathic in adolescents. 90 percent of teenagers aged 10-18 years, “said Dr. Phedy as reported by the page

The arched backbone with scoliosis also shows early signs. Usually the doctor will ask the patient to bend then he will check the right and left rib part. Patients often feel back pain because of the condition of the spine.

“If the ribs are not the same high, the patient got scoliosis. Likewise with the right hip and left is not the same height, “he explained again.

The examination should be done when the age of the patient is young, approximately 10-12 years to be more easily handled. If not then there can be an increase in the curvature of scoliosis per year by 10 degrees.

Severe scoliosis can cause impaired appearance, until the lung disorders due to the chest cavity are changed.

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