Direction Tilt Writing Can Reveal Personality, It's the Interpretation

Direction Tilt Writing Can Reveal Personality, It’s the Interpretation

Each person’s handwriting is different, and there is usually a distinctive form of each article. Psychologists say that it is a mirror of the person’s character and personality.

For example, the direction of tilt writing, the form letter, connect or not writing, and various other characteristics. You can try to change the writing, but the characteristic will reappear unnoticed.

The expert profession reads the writing that is able to interpret what kind of personality possessed by the owner of the writing, called graphology. Well, if you are also curious, here’s a glimpse of the meaning of someone’s handwriting seen from the shape and character:

Lean right: the person is sociable, open minded, and easy to tell a feeling (social person).

Left left: people who like to be alone, not easy to express feelings, quiet.

Upright: the person likes to think logically, but introverts in terms of feelings do not like to tell.

Serialize: the person likes to judge by fact and experience, also logical.

Unbalanced: have high imagination, loves to act out of feelings alone, impulsively.

The writing is thick and pressed: ambitious, easy to express feelings.

Thin writing is not pressed: shy, avoiding emotional stuff.

Writing the usual pressure: has ordinary ambition and not too shy too. Enjoy life.

Likes to use punctuation: emotional, controlling, big obsession.

The results revealed that most writings can also reveal the author’s gender, as well as the writer’s emotional level.

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