Beware, Diarrhea In Children Can Lead To Death

Beware, Diarrhea In Children Can Lead To Death

Beware, Diarrhea In Children Can Lead To DeathDiarrhea is a disease that is often underestimated, compared to types of diseases such as dengue or typus. Though a little late treat can cause sufferers dehydration, which leads to death. In children more horrified again, because diarrhea recorded as the trigger of death number one.

Children are most susceptible to this disease because they have not been able to choose the type of food that is clean and healthy. Eating less hygienic roadside snacks is the most common cause of diarrhea in children.

As a result, harmful bacteria triggering diarrhea infect and cause their digestion disturbed. Children are easily dehydrated during diarrhea, explained the Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health, dr. Lily Sulistyowati.

“Diarrhea can potentially trigger the number one death in children. The reason is because in children, when diarrhea occurs, the fluid in the body will immediately disappear quickly, “said Dr. Lily as reported by page.

When sick children difficult to drink large quantities. Though his body needs fluid replacement as soon as removed.

“The need for fluid is lost, not replaced,” added Lily again.

Acute dehydration makes the child’s condition decrease, and should be taken to the hospital for fluid replacement by infusion. Otherwise, the human body that is 70 percent of the fluid will experience a malfunction. May result in death if handled late.

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