Angelina Jolie admitted Affected by Bell's Palsy Disease after Divorce

Angelina Jolie admitted Affected by Bell’s Palsy Disease after Divorce

Angelina Jolie admitted Affected by Bell's Palsy Disease after DivorceAngelina Jolie admitted experiencing diseases Bell’s palsy after her divorce with Brad Pitt. Her health condition has dropped dramatically, seen from how thin she was in the days leading up to and after divorce from Pitt.

Mother of five children is trying to take care of all things themselves, to the extent that his health problems he ignored.

“Sometimes women in the family put themselves in the last position until finally the condition affects his health,” said Jolie as reported by Ok !.

Bell’s Palsy itself is a condition of paralysis in facial muscles, generally attacking one side only. As a result, facial muscles weakened and someone who suffered from it was unable to speak fluently.

According to British physician Renee Hoenderkamp, ‚Äč‚Äčthere are several causes of Bell’s Palsy. One of them is a virus that attacks the facial nerve muscles.

“We are not sure what causes this disease, but it is thought to be due to a virus that affects the facial nerves,” explains Hoenderkamp.

For a mild type, Bell’s Palsy can heal in just three weeks. However severe conditions can cause a person to suffer for up to nine months.

Patients will experience decreased eyelids, can not blink. The tongue will be hard to taste, also the pain in the ear even the sound will sound very loud.

Treatment Bell’s palsy generally uses steroids, as well as anti-viral drugs. There are also doctors who use psychotherapy and botox injection to the patient’s facial muscles. This function to make facial muscles more relaxed and not rigid.

“So, immediately to the doctor when the first sign of facial weakness appears,” he said.

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