Narcotics Type Flakka More Powerful Effect

Narcotics Type Flakka More Powerful Effect, Already Entered Indonesia

Narcotics Type Flakka More Powerful EffectNarcotics types of flakka certainly have more harmful effects than other types that previously existed in the homeland. If you look at some videos on the Youtube page about flakka users, they look more aggressive, malignant, like crazy people who have more power.

The bad news, the National Narcotics Agency recently claimed to find flakka in one of the tests in his lab.

“Yesterday we indicated the results of BNN laboratory, the entry of narcotics type flakka,” said Head of BNN Komjen Pol Budi Waseso, as reported by Tribun News page, Friday (21/7/2017).

The origin of flakka is known from Western countries such as America. If to enter the country of water would be a very worrying thing.

“So we have to anticipate the threat of circulation, and abuse by users who have been addicted, because they will find this item,” added Buwas further.

Someone who consumes flakka in the form of white powder, will rise drastically dopamine hormone levels. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain organ and results in an increased rate of aggressiveness. No more fear in the user.

The content of alpha-PVP chemically active compounds makes the user will feel very happy, faster heartbeat, alert and paranoid, even to faint if excessive.

For kidney organs, the use of narcotic flakka will make it slowly damaged. Muscles also weaken, and people may develop acute hyperthermia. Death is a vulnerability experienced by users.

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