This How To Prevent Someone If Attempted Suicide

This How To Prevent Someone If Attempted Suicide

This How To Prevent Someone If Attempted SuicideDepression is one of the mental disorders that should not be ignored. Psychological disorders that are the accumulation of severe stress that can cause a person trying to end his life aka suicide.

Suicide is generally triggered by despair, feeling useless, feeling great guilt, and no more hope.

According to a member of the Indonesian Psychiatric Medical Specialist Association of West Java Region Tedy Hidayat, the family or neighborhood must detect the presence of someone who will commit suicide due to depression. Similarly, treatment of someone with severe psychotic disorders.

“If there is depression or there is a psychotic must be treated properly, of course with treated the risks will decrease,” said Tedy Hidayat told, Friday, July 28, 2017.

Tedy Hidayat explained that the provision of drugs to a psychotic person must be in accordance with the direction of the psychiatrist.

Tedi said, someone who experienced psychotic, chances of doing suicide business is very large compared to those affected by depression.

“They like to hallucinate, that’s what causes him to commit suicide or because of fear,” said Tedy Hidayat.

While the handling of depression said Tedy, can be done family and the environment by looking for solutions to problems that are being undertaken. Generally triggers of depression, excessive anxiety or stress are psychosocial factors, economic problems, occupation, marriage and other problems that become stressors.

“The more multidimensional, socio-economic crisis of all sorts, it will certainly have an effect on suicide,” explains Tedy.

He cited an increased rate of suicide in a country during a chaotic economy. However, the suicide rate is not a central indicator of the problem.

If there is often a case of suicide, said Chief Room Psikatri Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, it can mean the level of awareness in the local community the less good.

By Arie Nugraha

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