Millenial Generation Turn Back Library

Millenial Generation Turn Back Library

Millenial Generation Turn Back LibraryAlthough it accommodates many sources of science ie books, the library had become a quiet place from the visit. However, millenial generations are reviving libraries in the United States.

In 2016, at least more than half a millenial generation in Uncle Sam’s Country (aged 18-35) comes to public libraries. It is not surprising that this generation is the most widely visited library compared to generation X (36-51 years), which is 45 percent, while baby boomers (52-70) are 43 percent based on Pew Research Center research.

Looking at this data, practitioners from the University of Washington Information School, Susan Hildret revealed millennials consider the library as a place of interest to them.

“The flexibility of the library is appealing to the millennials,” Hildret told ATTN quoting Friday (28/7/2017).

Then, millenial generation also does not consider the library as a place for children or parents only. The additional facilities in the public library make millennial generations love this place.

“Libraries have changed a lot, not just the books they’re looking for while in the library, but other facilities like high-speed internet, educational video programs, or making it a creative,” says Los Angeles Public Library staff Eva Mitnick.

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