After Cleft Lip and Ailments Surgery, It is Important to Do This Test

After Cleft Lip and Ailments Surgery, It is Important to Do This Test

After Cleft Lip and Ailments Surgery, It is Important to Do This TestCleft lips and ailments are issues that parents must pay attention to. This is because cleft lip includes birth defects, which can affect child’s growth, especially vision, speech, and listening. The only way to restore it is through surgery.

However, after surgery, does not mean the child has recovered and healthy. There are some things that must be considered parent postoperative lips and ailments chickens. The child must undergo hearing and speech screening.

“Beware, the development of children’s speech and the function of hearing.He heard the voice and imitate what we are talking about, especially from the age of 6 months (who can already bubling, ‘babababa’) .Hence, hearing examined.If there is a hearing loss, (Ear-Nose-Throat) will intervene, “said Dr. Luh Karunia Wahyuni, SpKFR (K) of the Pediatric Division, Department of Medical Rehabilitation Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia-RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta.

When interviewed after the event of Caring Concern and Craniofacial Disorders at RSCM Kencana on Thursday (7/27/2017), Dr. Luh continued, if the hearing function is good, then the child will follow the language simulation to train the ability to talk. If after surgery the child can not talk, the doctor will provide a solution for the child can still communicate.

“Children can be trained to communicate by drawing or using sign language, but sign language is different, not like for deaf people, for example, children are trained to point their fingers to ask for something,” added Dr. Luh.

Basically, the mouth and ear cavities are in parallel positions. For patients with cleft lip and lelangit, this may occur postoperative middle ear infection. As a result, the ability of children to talk and hear can be disrupted. For that, it needs to be controlled hearing and speaking ability.

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