7 Facts Headaches in Children

7 Facts Headaches in Children

7 Facts Headaches in ChildrenHeadaches do not know the age. Not only in adults, but also in children. Approximately 15-20 percent of children aged 5-14 tend to have headaches.

In the medical world this is normal. But what exactly triggers these kids is a headache?

Boldsky launches on Thursday (07/27/2017), there are some facts about the headache suffered by children. Parents must know what makes a child’s head throb, so they feel pain.

Fact 1

Headaches in children can be triggered because they cry too much, dehydrate, not eat, and stress.

Fact 2

Headache can be seen from several types of primary and secondary. Secondary headache is a symptom of some medical conditions, meaning there is another disease that triggers the child’s headache. While the primary headache is a major symptom that originates from within the head.

Fact 3

Migraine is the main type of headache. This condition occurs due to tension and is considered a primary type headache.

Fact 4

About 10 percent of children suffer from migraines. This type of headache causes a throbbing sensation inside the head. This pain can last for hours. The most severe conditions can cause vomiting.

Fact 5

Secondary headaches can be triggered due to infection, depression anxiety, sinus, or neck pain.

Fact 6

In addition to primary and secondary types there is also a type of cluster. Usually this headache attacks the child age 10. This headache can last for seven days or more. The pain is behind the eyes, making the eyes red.

Fact 7

Recurrent headaches can be a sign of a tumor in the head. It’s good if you immediately take the child to the doctor to check it.

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