Avoid 4 Habits That Can Easily Cause Fart

Avoid 4 Habits That Can Easily Cause Fart

Avoid 4 Habits That Can Easily Cause FartRemoving wind from the body or farting is normal. However, if the fart occurs continuously and too often, of course, makes it uncomfortable. Especially if the fart occurs during the important meeting or in the elevator.

Apparently, there are some habits that trigger the fart happens more often. Launched from the page Step to Health, Thursday (07/27/2017), avoid some of the following habits that cause more frequent farts.

1. Avoid foods that do not fit in your body

Food intolerance should not be ignored because besides causing bloating can also cause other health problems.

If you think you’re immune to food allergies, you need to think about it again, especially when you see your belly bulge.

For example, people who suffer from wheat intolerance can not digest gluten and consequently they have digestive problems that include enlarged abdomen and bloating.

What is the solution? Go see a specialist and ask for food sensitivity tests. If the results are positive, it is important to modify your diet and avoid those foods.

2. Reduce sodium foods

Foods that are processed by the factory and contain high sodium do not provide stomach health benefits.

Sodium is one of the main causes of fluid retention in the body, which causes flatulence and increases the desire to fart.

The solution, choose foods that are natural and home-made. Consume more fruits, vegetables, and foods that are low in sodium.

3. Eating too fast

It’s important to organize the way to chew food because eating too fast can cause us to swallow the air unconsciously and make it easier to fart.

4. Too much consumption of carbonated beverages

Fresh sparkling beverages are often chosen to satisfy thirsty cravings when thirsty. However, soda is not the best choice for the body because it is low in nutrients and contains substances that can cause digestive problems.

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