There are Cancer Triggers on Tea Bags

There are Cancer Triggers on Tea Bags

There are Cancer Triggers on Tea BagsBrewing tea is sometimes considered troublesome. Come later tea dye products that can help the process of brewing tea becomes more practical. Tea lovers live to prepare hot water on a glass, then put tea bags until perfect brewing. Tea bags are then removed and can be enjoyed without causing waste.

Practical ways of brewing tea like this turned out to be detrimental to health. Quoted from the Okezone page, the ugliness comes from a white bag used to wrap a tea bag. This pouch material is believed to have a compound called epichlorohydrin. It becomes carcinogenic when in the body. That is, consuming tea bags may increase the risk of cancer.

One characteristic of the presence of epichlorohydrin in a bag of tea bags that immediately appear foam when the bag exposed to hot water. The compound immediately leaves the residue in the tea water harmful to the body. In addition, these residues may also remove important nutrients that tea has.

Aditi Rampat, a nutritionist, said it was better to consume powder tea instead of tea bags. Powdered tea is more likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals such as tea bags. The benefits of tea powder was also more leverage received by the body. In addition, the pulp of tea powder can still be used as a face mask or plant fertilizer.

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