The Importance of Consuming Fruit In Empty Stomach Conditions

The Importance of Consuming Fruit In Empty Stomach Conditions

The Importance of Consuming Fruit In Empty Stomach ConditionsMorning is when the stomach is in empty condition, and ready to receive healthy food that will be directly distributed to the whole body for various purposes. Fruit is the main advice for you who are hungry in the morning, not other foods such as uduk or fried rice for example.

Why fruit? Because when the stomach is empty and the fruit becomes filler then it will act as a cleanser or help the detoxification process. Not only that, the fruit also contains a good source of energy for energy supply in the morning.

Reported Boldsky page, breakfast fruit is recommended for those of you who are dieting to lose weight or maintain ideal body weight.

Health and beauty benefits will also be a lot of you get, if get used to consume the fruit when the stomach is empty in the morning. We recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes after eating fruit if you want to eat another dish that is not the type of fruit.

Why? Because if the fruit is consumed in unison with other dishes then the effect will be less good. Abdomen will produce a lot of gas and cause bloating. Other food digestion process will be disrupted and not optimal in the absorption of nutrients.

Here are some types of fruit that is recommended for consumption when the stomach is empty, as quoted from page Boldsky:


Apples are rich in antioxidants, as well as flavonoids and vitamin C and fiber. Regular consumption of these fruits will make intestinal health more awake, the risk of colon cancer far, healthy heart, and avoid stroke.

Strawberry fruit

Because the acid, you can consume strawberries with a mixture of several other types of fruit that taste sweet. Red fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and can eliminate the bad effects of free radicals.


Orange juice is a delicious drink that you can consume in the morning. Although many suggest lemon with extra warm water, but you can use any kind of orange that is sweet and delicious.


This fruit is also delicious if consumed in the form of guava juice. Sweetness is a good source of energy for the health of the body, while vitamin C is beneficial for skin health and also other body cells.

Good luck.

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