Should not Many Drink After Consuming Watermelon

Should not Many Drink After Consuming Watermelon

Should not Many Drink After Consuming WatermelonFresh watermelon fruit consumed in hot weather, especially there are nutrients such as lycopene, potassium, and fiber are good for health. Consumption of watermelon every day can help support the digestive system to run well too.

But there is one shortcoming of watermelon fruit that needs to be known. According to the book Healing Foods, there are substances citrulline and amino acids in the fruit that can multiply the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide serves to regulate blood pressure in humans.

Written on page ndtv, Tuesday (18/07/2017), there is a suspicion that if someone drinking water after consumption of watermelon fruit then it will harm the digestive system.

The reason is; Watermelon consists of fiber content, glucose and natural water. This composition does not trigger many microbes and bacteria in the digestive tract.

But if you drink more water in large quantities, then microbes and bacteria can grow quickly, plus the presence of glucose in the digestion.

“If you drink water after the consumption of watermelon, then the risk of microbial spread in the gastrointestinal tract will be greater,” said Dr. Anju Sood, a nutritionist from Bangalore as reported by ndtv.

In addition, drinking lots of water will make the process of digesting nutrients so inhibited. Ayurvedic medicine a la India also recommends not to consume much water after eating watermelon.

Also avoid consuming other foods in the near time to eat watermelon fruit to facilitate nutrient uptake. If long digested then watermelon nutrients will turn into acid.

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