If Blood Viscosity Occurs, Here's How To Handle It

If Blood Viscosity Occurs, Here’s How To Handle It

If Blood Viscosity Occurs, Here's How To Handle ItThe condition of the blood viscosity in the human body must be kept ideal. If too thick then the blood flow becomes not smooth, making the supply of oxygen and nutrients of food to all parts of the body is also delayed. Blood syndrome syndrome can also trigger other dangerous diseases, such as stroke.

“Not many people know or be alert with thick blood. In fact, many victims of stroke or heart attack due to thick blood, “said Dr. Aru W Sudoyo from FK UI as reported by the page okezone.com.

The initial symptoms that can be felt by the sufferer is a migraine caused by the blood flow is not smooth. If these symptoms appear in frequent intensity then you should start alert.

The cause of blood viscosity is generally a genetic problem. But it can also be triggered by high cholesterol levels and high blood sugar. Due to the presence of viruses and certain bacteria can also trigger the problem of thick blood.

“It could also be the number of viruses and bacteria that increase in the body so as to attack the immune system. The number of bacteria and viruses caused by conditions such as cholesterol, saturated fat, and high blood sugar, “said nutritionist, Rita Ramayulis, quoted VIVA.co.id page.

To overcome the condition of blood viscosity, there are several ways suggested by the nutritionist. It took at least three weeks to regain normal blood.

The first seven days is a metabolic rate improvement and increased body fluid intake. You should drink plenty of water or mineral water at least two liters per day.

High protein consumption is also recommended that the body’s metabolism return to normal.

The second week you are advised to avoid sweet drinks and reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates. Its purpose is to clean up toxic and useless substances in the body.

“Getting into the last seven days, time to improve blood circulation and muscle mass, as well as improving the immune system through exercise and morning sun exposure,” he said.

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