Footage Photos Participants Cycling Tour de France It Makes Goosebumps

Footage Photos Participants Cycling Tour de France It Makes Goosebumps

Footage Photos Participants Cycling Tour de France It Makes GoosebumpsTour de France 2017 long-distance bike race requires physical endurance from the participants. Recently viral a foot photo of a participant on the tour, a racer named Pawel Poljanski. He uploaded a photo of his captioned foot ‘After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired #tourdefrance.

It means “After completing the 16 stages, my legs look a little tired.” The cycling tour that was held in France did require participants to go through 16 stages.

Shown in the photo, the veins on Pawel’s legs protrude like wires. The knees part was a red bruise, a sign of fatigue. The photo is then viral and gets over 42,689 likes and comments that reach thousands too.

Most felt sorry and suggested that Pawel not force his body to work too hard.

“It’s not healthy, friend,” wrote one comment.

Actually it is not just Pawel’s legs that experienced it, because most of the bike rider also memforsir strength to reach the finish line in the Tour de France.

Is it safe for the health of the foot? Dr Bradley Launikonis from the University of Queensland School of Biomedical Science stated that what is experienced by Pawel and other cycling athletes is natural.

When you’re in a race, your feet will receive a lot more blood flow than normal. That causes the blood vessels to grow and protrude.

“The amount of blood that usually comes down to our feet is five liters per minute. As for athletes who are classified as normal, the maximum will reduce 20 liters per minute that flows through the muscle, “explained Dr. Bradley as reported by the ABC page.

Conditions will be more extreme experienced by world class athletes such as Pawel. They are used to practicing harder and more often for the sake of world achievement.

The blood that runs down his legs can be up to 40 liters per minute, because they have more blood volume than normal people.

“Can be doubled or about 40 liters per minute. They have a very large blood volume, “Bradley added.

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