Hobbies Eat Raw Eggs, Is It Safe

Hobbies Eat Raw Eggs, Is It Safe?

Hobbies Eat Raw Eggs, Is It SafeSome people like to eat raw eggs. They sure will get more stamina afterwards. In addition, his assumptions are also more nutritious. Generally consumed is a chicken egg from the yellow only. Is it true?

On the one hand, that belief is justified. Because the process of heating up to the boiling point will make the content of vitamins and minerals in the eggs become damaged. But that’s only a small amount.

In eggs there are nutritional content such as vitamin B of type B6 and folate, also vitamin E. Minerals such as choline, also antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin still exist in sufficient quantities.

In mature conditions, the eggs do not lose much of the nutrients mentioned above. So actually you do not need to eat raw eggs on the grounds more nutritious than cooked eggs. It was written by Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, in his book Three Steps to the Healthier You.

More details, the amount of vitamin B6 in raw egg is approximately 0.85 microgram whereas in mature eggs is 0.072 microgram.

For choline minerals, inside raw eggs there are 146.9 milligrams, while in cooked eggs there are 117 milligrams of choline.

In the results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition for protein absorption, the body absorbs more protein in mature eggs up to 91 percent. While for raw eggs only 50 percent.

That’s because heat changes change the structure of proteins to be more secure and easily digested by humans.

In terms of cleanliness, mature eggs are less risky contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. Different from vulnerable raw eggs still contain the bacteria that cause the poisoning. So it’s safer for your health.

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