3 Natural Facial Skin Care It's Not Always As Expected

3 Natural Facial Skin Care It’s Not Always As Expected

3 Natural Facial Skin Care It's Not Always As ExpectedDifferent skin types of each person cause not all natural treatments can be effective. Like the following skin care advice that does not always work well on the skin. Anything?

Here are three natural skin treatments that do not always work effectively on facial skin as quoted Gurl page, Tuesday (07/24/2017).

1. Coconut oil as a moisturizer

Not all skin types are suitable to use coconut oil as a natural face moisturizer. Although coconut oil contains antioxidants that are good for the skin, but in individuals who have skin types tend to be oily it will be a problem.

Coconut oil will clog the pores and leave the acne more inflamed again.

2. Drink lemon juice

Many dermatologists do not recommend drinking lemon juice for healthier skin. Therefore, the acidic nature of the lemon, if consumed every day can actually irritate the skin. Lemon also will not cleanse the skin and dry the inflamed acne with lightning.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water alone is not enough to provide a good effect for the skin. Especially make the skin so acne free.

Although drinking water can keep skin elasticity from the inside, but that does not mean drinking water alone can make the skin healthy.

“Water should keep you drinking every day, but for a much healthier and acne-free facial skin should be balanced with vitamins and exercise-rich diet,” says a dermatologist.

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