This is what happens to the body when you stop drinking alcohol

This is what happens to the body when you stop drinking alcohol

This is what happens to the body when you stop drinking alcoholFor some people, drinking alcohol is a lifestyle that is hard to leave behind.

In fact, there are many reasons to stop consuming alcohol, such as maintaining fetal health for women while undergoing pregnancy, and reduce belly fat in men.

However, do you know what really happens to the body if someone actually stops drinking alcohol?

Quoted from the page The List, Monday (07/24/2017), the following things will be felt by people who regularly consume alcohol when the habit is stopped.

1. After the first 48 hours

When a person stops drinking, the first 48 hours is the biggest detox barrier.

You will feel drunk and will likely experience shaking or tremors, headaches, and insomnia.

2. After three days

Although initially drunk and uncomfortable, the good news after 72 hours has passed since you last drank, all the discomfort will subside.

At this stage, your body will create a new balance.

3. After one week

Once your body adjusts after a week of no drinking, maybe a psychological effect will happen to you.

Some people report being prone to anger, anxiety, insomnia, and decreased libido.

During this time, it’s good to seek counseling to calm the emotions.

4. After two weeks

Once you are able to pass the time for two weeks, eventually you will sleep more soundly.

According to research, alcohol is capable of causing brain activity during sleep to occur in alpha waves. While in normal restful sleep, brain activity is in delta waves.

Some people may think alcohol makes sleeping faster, it may be true. However, according to research, although alcohol helps you fall asleep faster, your sleep quality is less good and causes you to feel tired the next day.

5. This happens if you actually stop drinking

If you commit not to drink back alcohol, you can lose weight.

Research shows the relationship between alcohol consumption and appetite. People who drink alcohol will eat more easily.

Not only that, after you stop drinking, your skin will become healthier and look fresh.

In other health benefits, your blood sugar pressure will return to normal.

Although initially difficult, in the end you will get many health benefits if you stop to consume alcohol.

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