4 Healthy Tips That Help Prepare for Pregnancy

4 Healthy Tips That Help Prepare for Pregnancy

4 Healthy Tips That Help Prepare for PregnancyOften a new woman starts to maintain health when she finds herself positively pregnant. Yet it would be better if women can maintain health and prepare for pregnancy.

This will help women be more prepared and easier during pregnancy.

Launched from She knows page, Monday (24/7/2017), here are four things you can do to maintain health in preparing for pregnancy.

1. Stop smoking

Quitting smoking for men can help produce healthier sperm and speed up pregnancy. While for women, quitting smoking can reduce the risk of miscarriage.

In addition, studies have shown that women who smoke take longer to get pregnant and tend to experience infertility.

2. Prenatal vitamin consumption

For women planning a pregnancy, high-quality prenatal vitamins with folic acid can prepare the body to conceive and develop a better fetal brain.

3. Reduce coffee consumption

A cup of coffee contains a lot of caffeine, some research shows that high caffeine intake can be associated with miscarriage and infertility.

So it’s good to drink less coffee while planning your pregnancy.

4. Reduce stress

Although keeping yourself from stress is quite difficult, it will help if you are able to do so. The reason, reducing stress is proven to increase fertility in couples.

Try to find activities to relax your body, for example by doing yoga.

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