Not Diet, It's Healthy Tips Chef Ririn Marinka

Not Diet, It’s Healthy Tips Chef Ririn Marinka

Not Diet, It's Healthy Tips Chef Ririn MarinkaHealth is an important thing that must be maintained. However, unfortunately there are still many people who do not know how to maintain health.

For that, Chef Ririn Marinka explains the meaning of health and sharing tips to lead a healthy life.

“Health for me is an investment because if it is sick already baseball can ngapa do .. So do not wait for new ill treatment, but should prioritize prevention,” said Chef Ririn Marinka when found on Friday (21/7/2017) in Senayan, Jakarta Center.

For Marinka, the key to living a healthy life there are three, “Enough sleep, do not eat too much because it makes the body fat easy and sports important.”

As a chef, Marinka claimed to have no restriction on any food in maintaining health.

“I’m the type of person who eats it all and is not the type of person who is overly dieting,” he said. The reason, because if you do not enjoy life actually trigger stress and make unhealthy.

“So the important thing is to know the portion of food do not be too much, if for example today eat too much, we detoks the next day,” he explained.

In addition, Marinka also provide tips for a healthy snack that is on a diet.

“I like to snack on tempe chips, bake, fruits and crudites, vegetables, peppers, cucumbers and carrots we sliced ​​for finger and eaten with hummus paste, Crudite is healthy and good for skin,” Marinka said.

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