The Dangers of Baby Massage

The Dangers of Baby Massage?

The Dangers of Baby MassageA fragile baby’s body keeps people around to treat the child cautiously. How about a massage? Should the baby be massaged?

Well, as a new parent, you may need to know first the myths and the truth about baby massage. Here are some facts that will help you get rid of the confusion, as reported by Bold Sky.

Should the baby be massaged?

Actually this is not a requirement, but it’s all up to the parent. Baby massage helps grow baby’s closeness with parents in early development.

The benefits?

Although many believe that massage can help the development of bone, good blood circulation and in forming the baby’s body, there is no solid evidence to prove all these claims. But massage, when done correctly, helps build relationships between parents and children.

Massage also helps the baby more relaxed and make her sleep soundly. Just like adults, babies also enjoy a touch of love and massage does reduce stress. Yet other benefits have not been scientifically proven.

What’s the massage baby massage?

If not done in a sensitive way, infant massage may be more adverse than benefit. For example, if you ask the caregiver to do the job, she may not be able to do it carefully and it could actually hurt the baby.

If the hands of the masseuse are not clean, the infant may be infected by bacteria.

The fragile body and bones of the baby may not be strong when under great pressure. So, baby massage should only be done by parents.

But do not ever massage the baby when you’re upset or mood is not good.

Can baby massage use oil?

No. Better do it with regular baby oil with a gentle massage of the fingers. As you do so, observe the child’s reaction. Continue only if the baby is enjoying the massage, stop if the baby looks uncomfortable. (Nanien Yuniar / AntaraNews)

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