Socks Can Help Get Faster Sleep

Socks Can Help Get Faster Sleep

Socks Can Help Get Faster SleepSleeping on socks may not be common. Except, when you’re sick. In fact, this habit is also beneficial for a healthy body.

Reported by Purewow, Monday (5/6/2017), according to researchers at the sleep lab at the University of Basel in Switzerland, people whose bodies are warmer than room temperature has a tendency to sleep faster.

The reason, when we are going to fall asleep, the central nervous system will distribute heat from the core of the body to the hands and feet. If you can speed up this process – for example with a hot water bottle or a warm blanket – the sleeping hormone will get hooked faster. The result, you will also be more quickly fall asleep.

If you do not have, or feel the water bottle is warm and the blanket is too hot, akali with socks. Wearing socks before going to bed will make you faster up to dreamland.

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