Not Strong Replace Gallon Dispenser

Not Strong Replace Gallon Dispenser? This is The Solution

Not Strong Replace Gallon Dispenser80 percent of the human body consists of fluids. Therefore, the fulfillment of fluids in the body can determine whether or not smooth one’s activities. Why, why? Because water is needed to replace the fluid that comes out of the body, either through urine or sweat that comes out after someone on the move.

The doctors also suggested that to consume 8-10 glasses of water every day for the body’s metabolism is running well and normal. In order to fulfill the fluid remains smooth and does not interfere with the activity required a practical tool that can support it, such as Dispenser that makes it easy to take drinking water.

Dispenser so the solution for the convenience of providing drinking water even have to provide it for many people. However, conventional dispensers have enough challenges when replacing gallons that are not light because of the gallon position at the top. Unlike the case if you use the Duo Gallon Dispenser from SANKEN.

Duo Gallon Dispenser from SANKEN is the first dispenser in Indonesia that can use the gallon below and above. The duo gallon dispenser gives extraordinary comfort and does not interfere with your frequently troubled activities by replacing gallons.

The gallon duo dispenser can serve drinking water for 76 people (500ml / person) with cold / normal / hot water conditions. Special use of hot water for the purpose of brewing tea, coffee, or instant food also did not take long. Thanks to the Superhot feature is able to heat water up to 990 C in just a minute from normal temperature.

The secret features of Superhot is on Duratank technology which is a tank layer created from a very tight polyurethane. The resulting hot water process becomes very fast and the hot water lasts longer.

Heaters are identical with high wattage, but Duratank technology requires only low power, 320 watts only (without this technology power above 200 watts). Not only that, what distinguishes this Duo Galon Dispenser with another is the Z-pipe technology, which is a Z-shaped stainless steel pipe that can take water to the end in a gallon of water, so no water is wasted.

The SANKEN duo gallon dispenser has become recognized and used by many people, especially health-focused, newly married mothers who need practicality, and become mandatory for busy families or unwilling to change gallons.

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