Much Fussed, It's How Vaccines Work to Protect the Body

Much Fussed, It’s How Vaccines Work to Protect the Body

Much Fussed, It's How Vaccines Work to Protect the BodyIn 1796, a scientist named Edward Jenner injected fluid contains material from cowpox to an 8 year old boy. That is the first vaccine ever. To this day, the vaccine has been and continues to progress.

But actually, how does the vaccine work? How can inserting pathogens into the body actually help the body protect itself?

Before, we need to know first that humans have their own immune system. This immune system will work and protect the body when there are evil microbes that enter the body.

When the immune system is working, usually the body will react in the form of cough, colds, inflammation, or fever. So when we get sick, it’s actually our immune system is working hard to wipe out evil microbes out of the body.

Thereafter, both the body’s immune system, the adaptive immune system, it will begin to record and preserve the memory of nasty microbes earlier. The goal, so that later when the same microbe attacks, the immune system already knows how to fight it.

Unfortunately, this adaptive immune system takes time to work. Not to mention, when the body is too weak, or too young, they will be vulnerable to illness. Well, this is where the vaccine plays a role by preparing the body early.

By holding the tenet that the body can protect his own body, scientists then used a vaccine to trigger an adaptive immune system of the body. However, they also ensure, this vaccine will not make the body sick.

They then do research that produces different types of vaccines by the way each work.

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