Do not Be Emotional Fast, Do It When Kids Speak Inappropriate Things

Do not Be Emotional Fast, Do It When Kids Speak Inappropriate Things

Do not Be Emotional Fast, Do It When Kids Speak Inappropriate ThingsEntering the age of toddlers, children begin to learn to talk. It was a golden moment for children learning to express things through words. However, as children grow older, children often imitate what they see and sometimes what they imitate is not a good thing to say.

How do parents behave when children say things they should not? Here are five things that are not commonly said child, citing the page She Knows, Thursday (13/7/2017).

1. Express hate

Often the child expresses his hatred when he feels his desire is not fulfilled. Sometimes, however, the child’s way of expressing it is over the limit, for example by saying, “I hate you.”

When finding this condition, writer Stephanie O’Leary recommends to relax and take a deep breath so as not to reply to the child’s words with emotion. Try to ease the emotions of the child and talk to when the child is feeling calm.

2. “You’re a bad mother!”

The bad thing is if the child mentions that you are a bad mother, though rare but the chances are always there.

If you find a condition like this, the heart of a mother must be crushed. The way to overcome this is to build communication and try to resolve the conflict thoroughly.

3. “My friend’s mother is better than my mother.”

If your child says it, do not feel sadly protracted. However, try to find out what makes the child feel that way.

In addition, try to fix things that are considered bad by the child. Show him that you are a parent who has tried to be a good mother and really loves him.

4. “I hope you are not my mother!”

Often when a child feels that they can not get what they want, they will reveal something hurtful, for example by saying, “I hope you are not my mother!”

Actually, the meaning of the phrase is the child feels the mother does not understand what he wants. The right step is to show the child that you are always trying to show the best for the child.

5. “I hope you die!”

If the child already feels on the edge of resentment, sometimes they are not able to withstand the emotion so as to issue words that cursed the mother.

Even if you feel hurt, try to spirited. Try to calm down and speak from heart to heart with the child. Try to straighten out problems and improve relationships like mother and child.

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