Terrible Impact If The Fetus Against Rubella Virus In The Womb

Terrible Impact If The Fetus Against Rubella Virus In The Womb

Terrible Impact If The Fetus Against Rubella Virus In The WombThe impact that can be caused by rubella virus when attacking pregnant women, it is very horrible. It was revealed by a mother named Grace Melia (28) who vent in her social media about the baby, Aubrey Naiym Kayacinta or Ubii (5). Ubii is diagnosed with Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) due to a viral infection experienced by the mother during pregnancy.

According to Grace, pregnant women should not underestimate the rubella measles (MR) vaccine to avoid experiencing events like that experienced by Ubii. Her daughter is experiencing some health conditions that would not be desired by any parents in this world. Ubii suffers from leaky heart, deafness, celebral palsy, and brain calcification.

Since the baby Grace must accompany Ubii undergo various therapies and treatment and medical tests.

“Lie if you say accompany Ubii do various medical tests, anesthetized, dipasangin wires, injection, and others it is easy. Lie if I say I’m always strong. Lie if I say I never cry, either mbeker-mbeker or in the heart because the tears have dried up when nemenin Ubii like this, “wrote Grace on Instagram @ grace.melia.

The woman also wrote many of her experiences on the blog, related to her daughter’s life. The grief story seeks the path of healing, and to keep Ubii alive makes her want to share.

Ubii’s test series include cardiac ultrasound, brain ultrasound, Mantoux test, pulmonary rays, CT scan, MRI, BERA, ASSE, EEG, TORCH checks, enter the operating room, and many others have been undertaken by the little toddler.

Rubella virus should not be underestimated, as well as other viruses that can cause infants and infants infected. No wonder if Grace finally participated in campaigning for pregnant women to join the government program that eliminate MR vaccine in August every year.


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