Easy Tips to Overcome Snoring Habit While Sleeping

Easy Tips to Overcome Snoring Habit While Sleeping

Easy Tips to Overcome Snoring Habit While SleepingSnoring or snoring is a habit that is not realized by the sufferer. On the other hand, friends who sleep close to the sufferer who will feel the bad effects of snoring habit during sleep. They will be very disturbed and can have difficulty sleeping due to a loud snoring sound.

“The more snoring, the worse the impact,” explains Marha Cortes, a health practitioner from New York, USA.

The adverse effects cause the quality of sleep is reduced and can spread to several other diseases. For example, bad mood, stress, the ability to control appetite, and others. In relationships between friends or spouses can be damaged due to this habit snoring.

To reduce the habit of snoring, then there are some things you can try. Here are his tips as reported by Good Housekeeping page, Wednesday (07/12/2017).

Diet for ideal body weight

The more excess your weight will be the more fat that covers the airways. This is one of the reasons why snoring occurs when you sleep, because the airways are blocked.

“Someone who weighs more will have extra fat in the airways. While sleeping this will cause a snoring sound, “explains Cortes.

Sloping sleep

Sleeping on the back is more of a snore than a sloping sleep. This is because the base of the tongue fell down to cover the throat. We recommend that you choose a sleeping position tilted right or left to avoid snoring.

Spray the nose

Nasal spray is intended to clean the respiratory tract. Doctors recommend using this tool before going to bed for more nose relief. For Muslims, it is recommended that ablution is one of the movement is to suck water through the nose and then sprayed again.

Chew gum

The function of chewing gum is to train the muscles of the mouth, tongue, jaw, and facial muscles so strong not loose. Minimum 20 minutes per day, do this and the risk of snoring during sleep will be reduced.

“As we get older, the tissue lining the throat becomes saggy especially when he has sleep apnea,” Cortes said.

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